Zero Calorie Foods: The Top 8 Zero Calorie Foods List For Weight Loss

you’re on a weight loss journey, perhaps you should take a look at the
best zero-calorie foods for weight loss. Having a healthy food plan is
another smart way to keep your weight off.

A lot of people think
that weight loss exercises are the best way to lose weight. This is a
worldwide misconception that has been going on for years.

Here Is Why Exercise Alone Cannot Help You Lose Weight

Don’t get me wrong, exercise is very important in your overall health.

fact, every time you exercise, you improve your mental health, reduce
the risk of developing heart disease. Exercising can also help you
manage your blood sugar and insulin levels. You can also burn fat through exercise.

But the problem with that is balance.

Here is a quick example.

say you are a bottle of water filled with water. The water is unwanted
fat. This bottle of water has a small hole on the bottom.

water that flows through this small leak is the amount of fat you lose
when exercising. If you keep filling the bottle with water in the bottle
every 5 minutes, the water cannot run out of the bottle.

What I’m trying to say is that if you keep stuffing your body with more fats, then what is the point of exercising?

As you can see, exercising alone, cannot really help you lose weight. In fact, it’s very common for people to give up exercising when they see a significant amount of weight gain whilst exercising.

They don’t understand that weight loss requires a change of old habits to new habits!

In this post, I will focus on the main root of your weight gain… Food. This is where the zero-calorie food enters the game!

The Reason You Need To Eat Zero-Calorie Foods

When you are on a weight loss journey, or maybe want to keep your current body shape, you need to keep watch on what you eat.

But this doesn’t mean that you must keep starving yourself. That can actually do more harm to your body than good.

you actually need is to eat foods that contain fewer calories. This
will help you keep up with getting enough nutrients that your body

You don’t need to end up with malnutrition.
Malnutrition for those who don’t know, it’s the imbalance of nutrients
which refers to getting too much or too little nutrients.

Now, let me share with you the foods that contain almost zero calories!

The Top 8 Zero-Calorie Foods For Weight Loss

Although, I said these foods contain zero calories. They do contain calories but in small quantities.

#1 Watermelon

as the name suggests, watermelon contains more water than anything
else. They have also been proven to contain about 30 calories per
100grams. this brings it to about 0.3 calories per gram.

As you can see, they contain a very small amount of calories per gram. It’s actually about zero calories.

Watermelons are one of the healthiest fruits that taste good.

#2 Grapefruit

you’re looking for an immune booster that contains a low amount of
calories, look no further because Grapefruit got you covered.

are known to aid weight loss, not because of the small amount of
calories only, but because they promote appetite control.

They can also help you with insulin resistance and diabetes.

These fruits are known to contain about 0.42 calories per gram. 

#3 The Strawberries

These are my personal favorite. I love strawberries so much not just for the taste, but for the smell as well.

are found to be packed with lots of Vitamin C, antioxidants, and more.
They are also known to increase HDL which is good cholesterol, which
lowers your blood pressure. This helps protect you from heart attacks.

Strawberries contain 0.33 calories per gram.

#4 Cabbage

add a little bit of cabbage to my dinner meal almost all the time. The
reason is that I was raised in an area where we had a lot of access to

We even grew some of our own in our mini-farm in the yard
at home. So I got used to eating a lot of cabbage and now, I feel like
eating cabbage daily is like a ritual.

Cabbage is known to ease inflammation which means that it can also help you prevent heart disease.

Cabbages contain a lot fewer calories compared to, watermelon, strawberries, and grapefruit. It contains about 0.25 calories per gram.

#5 Popsicles (Sugar-FREE)

those that are addicted to ice cream, I suggest you switch to using
sugar-free Popsicles. You may not notice but ice cream contains a lot of
calories compared to every food that I’m going to mention in this post.

In fact, in general, ice cream contain about 2.07 calories per gram. That is about 207 calories per 100 grams.

Popsicles (Sugar-Free) contain about 0.15 calories per pop. which is sooo small compared to ice cream.

#6 Celery

If you are already on a diet plan, adding celery will be one of those good decisions you’ve made in your life.

has been found to contain a lot of vitamins and minerals like
potassium. It is also known to help you with digestion and help you
improve it.

The beautiful leafy green celery contains about 0.08 calories per gram. The best zero-calorie food on the list.

#7 Oranges

I want to make a quick smoothie, I go for oranges. This is because they
are easier to make and there are a lot of benefits from eating oranges.

They are an excellent source of Vitamin C and boost your immune system.

only problem I have with oranges is that they contain a larger amount
of calories compared to the food I mentioned above. But don’t be fooled,
they are still very healthy.

They contain about 0.47 calories per gram.

#8 Peaches

The last zero-calorie food I have on the list is peaches.

just like strawberries, I’m also in love with these fruits. Not just
for the benefits but for the taste as well. I love the fact that it
contains natural sugar instead of processed sugar.

They also have a
lot of calories compared to the other foods I mentioned. But they still
fall under zero calories. They contain about 0.39 calories per gram.

Can These Foods Alone Help You Lose Weight?

Yes and No!

Wait, what?

why the hell did you spend all that time explaining, you ask? Well, the
answer is much more complicated than that. But, I will try my best to
help you understand.

You see, losing weight is sometimes like
going to school. You learn different subjects daily and probably do not
finish every chapter daily.

But at the end of the year, the combination of the information absorbed by your brain helps you pass to the next grade.

I’m trying to say is that consistency and the combination of the little
things that you do daily are going to help you lose weight.

just like going to school, sometimes you may need a personal mentor to
help you study. Even when trying to lose weight, you need a mentor to
help you lose weight.


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