Your Face Shape Determines Your Approach To Life

I always wondered how 7 billion faces could have the same components, as in, two eyes, one nose sort of a thing, and yet manage to look so different from one another. Well, I’d like to leave that question to researchers who have been analyzing what a face can reveal about the person’s personality for over three millennia now. Can you believe that? THREE-THOUSAND-YEARS! Doesn’t that confirm that your face can tell tons about your personality? Okay then, let’s get started.

#1: Diamond Shape

People with a tapered or pointed forehead and chin and prominent and wide cheekbones are the diamond ones. Just like the immaculate and sharp diamond, people with this kind of face are the no-nonsense kind. They are curt and often rude when things don’t go the way they want them to. They love exploring the tiny details of everything they deal with. No wonder they are more than perfect in the tasks they take up. So, now you know why Swift with her diamond face happily goes about singing, “Cause, darling, I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream.” If you too are one of these daunting diamonds, then flaunt your cheeky cheekbones. And why not? That’s what makes you, you.

#2: Heart Shape

It sounds a bit exotic to have a heart-shaped face. People with V-shaped widow peaks, yes, I am talking about you. It is this lil peak on the forehead that makes their face look heart-shaped. Also, their broad foreheads and narrow chins contribute to the shape. A very characteristic feature of these people is that they have high emotional intelligence. Their hunches are always right, and they exactly know when to act on things. They know how to balance their lives, and that is because of their keenness in perceiving situations. However, this very keenness makes them a lil too opinionated and stubborn at times. Okay, sweetHEARTS, stop being so uncompromising. We know your unflinching inner strength.

#3: Rectangular Shape

People with rectangular-shaped faces tend to grope for logic and order in the universe. They like to use their intellects for everything. This nature of finding order in things makes them excellent planners. Nothing can go wrong when they organize a getaway because they are so well-equipped with that umbrella, extra pair of socks, torch lights with more batteries than required, dozens of maps, and cans full of food. I mean, just in case, you never know! They logically analyze things to the extent of overthinking. Alright, realistic rectangles, we forgive you for this. Otherwise, who is going to find that order in chaos for us?

#4: Square Shape

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