You Will Never Cook Again In Aluminium Foil After Reading This!

Do you use aluminum foil to cook
steaks or vegetables in the oven? Or pack the sandwiches in aluminum
foil or use the same aluminum pan for several years? There is a risk
that particles in this metal will transfer to food.Many people use
aluminum foil in the kitchen to pack food or to prepare it.

Although it is easy to use and efficient, doctors’ studies say that it
is not always the best solution for the body. The same can be said about
aluminum pans or pots. They are a cheap and easy to handle version, but
not very healthy.
The World Health Organization says that a person of average weight can
ingest through food up to 50mg of aluminum a day without any health
hazards. Basically, human organsim can tolerate 1mg of aluminum per kg /
body, until it begins to have adverse effects.

A study published in the International Journal of Electrochemical
Science in 2012 found that cooking aluminum foil foods increases the
risk of osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease. The study also showed that
depending on the way and temperatures at which the food is cooked, the
amount of aluminum we can consume can reach up to 139.2 mg.

When aluminum foil is used to store food in the refrigerator, it is cold
and not exposed to high temperatures. The transfer of aluminum
particles from the foil to food is minimal. In contrast, the study shows
that ingredients cooked in aluminum foil at temperatures above 150C can
cause a huge transfer of aluminum to the food. In the case of red meat
the transfer is 378%, while in the case of poultry the transfer is 215%,
the researchers found.

In addition, acidic foods (such as tomatoes, lemons, vinegars) take up
even more of the aluminum in the foil. For example, in the case of
tomatoes the transfer is 3-6mg / 100g produced if it is cooked in

This is not the only study linking Alzheimer’s disease to the presence
of aluminum in the body, ingested through food. In the late 1990s
researchers at a University of New York came up with the same results,
analyzing the consumption of aluminum in food with additives.

How to avoid danger?

Avoid cooking food, especially acidic ingredients, in aluminum
containers and do not wrap it in foil if you know you will expose it to
high temperatures.

Do not leave food from one day to another in containers or aluminum foil.

Replace your pots and pans with cast iron, stainless steel or ceramic nails.

For perfect steaks, use ceramic baking trays with a ceramic lid,
marinate the meat before it is easier to grind or rely on the baking
paper for the oven.

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