Wrist Lines And Their Actual Meaning!

Fortune telling is the practice of predicting information about a
person’s life. Historically, fortune telling grows out
of folkloristic reception of Renaissance magic, specifically associated
with Romani people.

However, Hindus have used astrology, palmistry, alchemy and similar
techniques long before, and these information are mentioned for the
first time in the fengshui and astrology book of the Chinese – the
famous I Ching.


The use of palmistry and making people wonder and doubt the results
of it hasn’t changed over the years. Today it’s still considered a
pseudo science. Maybe because they see a gipsy lady do it for money, or
as part of a circus….

Your “bracelet lines” as they’re called, are the lines that separate
your palm from the rest of the arm, creating wrist lines. These lines,
it’s believed to have a more profound meaning for a person’s life. At
least in palmistry.

Mostly people have three lines, but a fourth line can also appear,
which is very rare among the whole world population. Reading your wrist
lines tells about the same information as reading your astrology and

But to do that, you would need to learn and read a bit more
information. This is a more simple technique for predicting your future.
Based on the following information, you could do it yourself in a


First of all, count the lines on your wrist. Than let’s start.

First of all, the number of your wrist lines could tell information
about your lifespan! One line means lifespan capacity of about 23-28
years, if you have a second line – you duplicate your lifespan and it
comes about 56 years of life.

The third line adds up 30 more years to your life span. The rare
individuals who have a fourth wrist line can expect long life and
growing old, maybe even old enough to have their grandsons and their

The structure of the lines can also tell information about the
wealth, social status and happiness, or as we say, luck the person has.
The more the lines are irregular, unclear and with gaps in between the
line, the more weak a person was considered to be and tend to shame and
low social status.

On the other hand, people with firmly developed and clearly visible
wrist lines are tend to be lucky and wealthier in their life. Also, if
the fourth line would appear on a person’s wrist, it was believed he had
high hopes to be a leader, a strong leading warrior or politician,
king, writer, philosopher etc.

it was believed the fourth line developed only in very strong
individuals, able to carry out the role of leaders and moving the
generation forward.

How many lines do you have? Do you agree with what’s written in this article? Share your thoughts.

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