Women Without Makeup Are More Attractive

Most women don’t leave the house without their makeup and hair done,
as they want to look attractive all the time; however, a study may give
them a reason to go out with a “washed face”, that is, without a trace
of makeup. 


Researchers from Bangor University detail that women are more
attractive without makeup to men, so they should try going to natural.

In the research, which will be published in the Quarterly Journal of
Experimental Psychology, participants were asked to upload a picture of
themselves without makeup on their social networks.

The doctor Alex Jones, author of the study, assures that a very
positive reaction was registered for the photographs without makeup in
men, since they assure that the faces are more attractive and fresh when
they do not have cosmetics.

Women even consider that their peers can be more attractive when 40% less makeup is used.

With this study we can prove that some theories can be false when it
comes to attracting the opposite s**, so it is considered that people
are more attractive when they are themselves physically and internally.

So now you have one more reason to forget a little makeup or use it
as natural as possible, since it not only brings benefits to your
beauty, but also improves the health of your skin. And you, do you apply
a lot of makeup?


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