Why Celebrities don’t get Black Underarms? Here’s their secret!

It’s that time of the year when you need to slip a strapless dress,
slop a hat and slap on some sunscreen. But wait! What if you’ve dark
underarms? O my god! It just pisses me off.

I’ve had this
problem of dark underarms for a great couple of months. I did follow a
few remedies and tried out some of the store-bought creams to get rid of
this annoying issue. Although the results are temporary since they were
not effective to diminish the problem.

I’ve followed a regime for underarms like all other skincare regimes
inspired by celebrities. This routine made me get rid of the dark
underarms in no time. Stick on to the article, to know about the
celebrity’s underarm routine.

Celebrities secrets to getting flawless Underarms

1. Cleansing the armpits

regular washing, you must also give utmost priority to your underarms
because just like the skin on other parts of your body, the underarms
skin also needs extra care. If you don’t clean thoroughly, there are
chances for dark patches to develop. Those dark patches will certainly
ruin the appearance of your underarms. So, you must take extra care by
cleaning armpits with lemon juice which makes the skin on underarms get
rid of bacteria, dirt or any other impurities.

What to do?
a small bowl, squeeze 1/2 cup Lemon juice. Dip cotton balls in the
lemon juice and rub over dark patches for a few minutes and wash off.
Doing this every day will make the underarms area light with even skin

2. Exfoliate the Armpits

patches in your underarms form by the accumulation of dead skin cells,
sweat, and dirt. To prevent this from happening, you must exfoliate your
underarms oftentimes. Therefore, you must exfoliate the underarm skin
with body scrubs and skin lighteners. You must exfoliate the underarms
very gently once or twice a week because the armpit region is quite

What to do?
a quarter-sized amount of body scrub or any good natural exfoliator to a
damp washcloth. Massage your underarms with the washcloth for a while
creating a lather. Then wipe off the scrub with a washcloth. You can do
this quite often because you’re scrubbing with a washcloth. If you use
any other natural exfoliators, then use them twice a week.

3. Massage… Massage and Massage
need to moisturize every part of your body to keep it moist and supple.
And if you’re looking for a perfect solution to get rid of those dark
patches, you must moisturize your underarms. Furthermore, your underarms
are always in contact with cloth and skin which makes them darker due
to constant chafing. So, use a mild and chemical-free moisturizer or
lotion on your underarms right after the exfoliation step to seal in the

4. Change your Deodorant brand
days most of the deodorants are formulated with parabens, chemicals,
artificial fragrances and other ingredients which cause harm to your
skin. Constant usage of such deodorants or antiperspirants could be the
ideal reason for dark underarms. Therefore, you must not randomly pick a
deodorant, instead you should clearly examine the ingredients list of
the particular deodorant and then should get hands on the product.

4. Waxing rather than Shaving

waxing and shaving have their own benefits and flaws. As celebrities
underarms are exposed every time, they must prefer a good method.
Although it’s good to shave any body part, they don’t prefer shaving
underarms because shaving often increases ingrown hair which gives
unseemly skin and odd appearance. To avoid that, you can switch to
waxing. You must wax your skin in the opposite direction of your hair
growth just like shaving. This ensures to reduce the chances of getting
an ingrown hair.

5. Don’t use Antiperspirants
the deodorants that don’t contain alcohol are better than most of the
antiperspirants. Deodorant is one which neutralizes the body odor,
whereas antiperspirants stop the sweat by blocking skin pores. Many
skincare experts claim that antiperspirant can darken the underarms
especially those which contain aluminum or other parabens.

6. Go for Underarm treatments
case, if any home remedies are not working for you to get a flawless
underarm, then go for underarm treatments such as using vitamin D,
salicylic acid or alpha hydroxy acids creams which can improve the skin
complexion. Else follow certain home remedies like using turmeric,
baking soda or lemon. Before applying any ingredient topically, get an
appointment of your dermatologist to avoid any irritations or skin

7. Avoid Chemical Creams
might be fooled sometimes by the television ads which endorse
depilatory creams. Prolonged use of such depilatory creams could darken
the underarms as they’re formulated with chemicals. Also, these creams
will not remove the hair from its roots. So, there is a chance for the
ingrowns to sprout up. That being said, never get fooled by the
marketing gimmicks and use such depilatory creams.

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