Why, And How Does The Keto Diet Work?

Simply put, keto helps you burn stored fat more efficiently than
weight loss methods like calorie counting. It changes the fuel your body
uses from carbs and sugars to fat, burning stored fat more frequently
in the process.

When you eat very little sugar, which is the main goal of following a
keto diet, your body must begin to create energy with whatever else is

Your liver accomplishes this by turning dietary and stored fat into
ketones, which enter your bloodstream and provide fuel for your muscles
and other cells. When your body does this for long enough, it enters a
state known as ketosis.



Ketosis  is  a  process  triggered  by  having  a  very  low  carb 
intake  for  an extended period of time. It refers to “the metabolic
state in which the body converts fat stores into energy, releasing
ketones in the process” (McIntosh, 2020, Para.  10).

Most  people  who  live  by  the  keto  diet  do  so  to  get
themselves into ketosis. It typically takes between two to four days of
low-carb eating to reach ketosis, though this can vary depending on how
many carbs you consume and your age, body type, and typical metabolism.

Some symptoms of ketosis are a fruity smell to your breath caused by
increased acetone production, a lower appetite, increased focus, and of
course weight loss.

If you are really serious about tracking your ketosis progress, you
can use ketone test strips, which darken to indicate high levels of
ketones. Though many followers of keto swear by ketosis, it is still
possible to lose weight on keto without remaining in ketosis for an
extended period of time.

Simply cutting down the number of carbs you eat can promote weight loss on its own.

Ketosis is not a requirement for losing weight on keto, but it is a
good way to know you are on the right track and that what you are doing
is making a difference.

How can you benefit from keto?

 Keto’s main benefit is weight maintenance. When your body
metabolizes stored fat, it helps get rid of fatty deposits so you can
look and feel your best. No more will you close your eyes when you step
on the scale! Keto helps underweight people return to a healthy weight
as well.

A high fat and medium protein diet is nutrient dense, which helps
ensure your body  is getting all of the resources it needs to function
properly. Though it is the most common reason for starting the diet, the
benefits of keto are not just limited to weight loss.

Many diet followers report better energy levels, helping them to do
more of what they love, whether that means more exercise or more binge
watching TV. Improved focus for work or school is another positive

When you eat better, you will feel better. Perhaps the most important
benefit of all is what keto can do for your self-confidence. When you
feel amazing and you know you look good, when you can watch the pounds
melt off every week, you can feel happier about your eating choices and
your body.

The desire to look good is backed by more than simple vanity. Loving
your body and doing what you can to take care of it is an important step
in loving yourself.

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