Whiten Your Teeth At Home In Just 2 Minutes!

Experts’ opinions vary when it comes to professional teeth whitening.
The substances used by dentists are not considered to be harmful by
some, while others state that no good comes out of it, this procedure
being considered by some as a sure way to getting sensitive teeth and
ruining the enamel of the teeth.

Long term use of whitening toothpaste is also not recommended, having
the same effect of denture as a professional teeth whitening session

Therefore, how to get whiter teeth, while making sure that you don’t jeopardize their health?

A quick method to getting your teeth whiter is by using baking soda and
lemon juice. Mix them together so that you get a paste and brush your
teeth with it once or twice a week, depending on your denture’s
sensitivity. If you feel any discomfort stop using this method until
your teeth get back to normal.

The teeth whitening method
described above only takes one to two minutes and guarantees results at
first use. Of course, you won’t see dramatic results after just one use.
You need to be patient and consistent to achieve the desired result. It
is recommended not to leave the treatment for more than 2 minutes due
to the fact that it is highly corrosive.

Other natural remedies that whiten teeth include:


They’re high in vitamin C, which prevents plaque and tartar formation, and also whitens the teeth.


They contain malic acid which dissolves denture stains and removes bacteria.


They stimulate saliva production, saliva being the one responsible with
the natural teeth cleaning process, thus preventing cavities and oral
conditions such as gingivitis.

Coconut butter

You can make your very own whitening toothpaste by mixing one spoon of
coconut butter (steamed) with one teaspoon of baking soda and 5 drops of
mint essential oil.[

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