When You Blow on Thumb, Here’s The Effect It Can Happen With Your Body !

Science lately has been able to prove that the body is able to
miraculously heal itself. It is quite a complex and sophisticated
self-caring system, which can surprise even the doctors.

The ancient ayurvedic and Chinese techniques have always believed that
certain parts of the body and their stimulating can help with reducing
the pain in certain body parts.

Also, it can be benefitting for stress relief and other unpleasant
feelings. Stimulating certain parts of the body can help various health
issues, such as fatigue, strass and pain.

Here are some quite interesting and almost “abnormal” tips to practice, who will be so relieving you could never have guessed!

Reduce sore throat

Tea is a soothing and tasty natural remedy that can help sore throat.
But, there is another easy way for this! If you feel itchiness in your
throat – just scratch your EAR! That’s right! There are muscles and
nerves in the ear that are directly connected with the throat.

Eliminate the fear of injections

Make yourself cough a little bit just before you feel the fear
overcoming your body, such as seeing the needle or the doctor. Try this,
I can say that in my case, it surely worked out!

Relax yourself

If you want to relieve tension and stress, you should just hold your
breath. Or you can just try to wash your face with ice cold water.

Help your headache to go away

If you’re just in the position to drink painkillers, or you’ve decided
to stop them – just massage the area between the thumb and pointing
finger for 5 minutes. This is due to the nerves that improve the blood
flow towards the head, thus, reducing the headache it’s kicking in.

Calm the nerves

Blowing on your thumb helps eliminating anxiety in the gut and also,
calm the nerves, if you’re feeling like “sitting on needles”.

Heal the stuffy nose

Press the tongue against the roof of your mouth. Also, push your eyebrows with your index fingers. Do this for 5 minutes.

Heal your burning skin – using the tips of your fingers, gently touch
and massage the burning pain out of your skin. The scars will also be
less visible if you practice this method.

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