What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Temper

Passionate argument or the arctic freeze – what does losing your
temper mean? Your zodiac sign may have everything to do with how you



As one of the fire signs, passion is a
natural trait for you – whether it’s love or anger. You need only the
tiniest trigger to fire on all guns. This is also because passion
translates into ambition, and any stumbling blocks on the way to your
achievements can turn your cranky on.

Your lover can expect: passionate kisses to raging bull in seconds
Your BFF can expect: crazy laughter to quick flash of temper at something she said
Your family can expect: celebrating them to holding grudges for a lifetime


are one of the most patient people, until that proverbial last straw.
The best part – the other party will probably never find out about it.
How could they? You’re passive aggressive about the arctic freeze you
are sending their way.

Your lover, BFF, family can expect: Kind smile to Mona Lisa smile


Well, at least your mood swings are predictable. Nobody knows what you mean or what your preferences are.

Your lover can expect: Change of plans from candlelight dinner to staying at home in sulking silence
Your BFF can expect: Cattiness to flattering loyalty in under 90 seconds
Your family can expect: Grudges, but not for the long-term


you are the friend that’s gentle and caring, and your people know you
don’t lose your temper easily, you can thank your zodiac sign for that.
On the other hand, though, you are also known to be not very expressive
and can be passive aggressive.

Your lover can expect: Tender loving care to your feeling hurt

Your BFF can expect: A ton of patience to stonewalling
Your family can expect: A kind and caring to a non-confrontational member


you’re angry, you’re going to show it. If there were to be a contest
between the fire signs on temper, you are the clear winner. Nobody can
mess with you and think that they can get away with it.

Your lover can expect: You’re angry and you know it
Your BFF can expect: A few bitter words before you take them back
Your family can expect: You know where it hurts, and you’re not afraid to go there.


can compete with your Taurean friend in a marathon for patience. But
once you’re angry, there’s no retreat from that. It takes a long time
for you to process experiences.

Your lover can expect: Patience until they have chosen not to heed your last warning of a cold stare
Your BFF can expect: Forgiveness, but they shouldn’t expect a call within 10 years at least
Your family can expect: No ugly scenes but no Tabula Rasa either


Make love not war was written for you. You are non-confrontational and don’t show emotions outwardly.

Your lover can expect: Don’t call me, I’ll call you. But please don’t ask why I haven’t called you
Your BFF can expect: You still remember what she did 8 summers ago
Your family can expect: Silent stonewalling, unless they provoke you into listing everything they have done wrong.


Your people should watch their backs if you’re angry. You sting like your namesake.

Your lover can expect: Revenge is your middle name
Your BFF can expect: She should have known better than to provoke you, but there’s nothing she can do now
Your family can expect: Your absence at family reunions until you’ve decided that it is worth reconciling


a fire sign, your consciousness about what your anger can do is
commendable. So even if you do lose your temper, you don’t show it

Your lover can expect: Once bitten, forever enraged
Your BFF can expect: Solitude. Because you need a lot of space.
Your family can expect: Sarcastic, snarky remarks at their attitudes


view from your moral high ground must look very nice, given that it’s
way up there. You should have gone into accounting given how good you
are counting and maintaining grudges and human errors.

Your lover can expect: Exceptional entry standards, and an even tougher journey to re-entry
Your BFF can expect: Explosive frustration in incomprehensible forms
Your family can expect: They might as well forget about you until you deign to look at the common people again


calm before, during, and after the storm. Librans may finally lose it,
but you are more likely to just leave the space to avoid confrontation.

Your lover can expect: Screaming by himself at an empty room
Your BFF can expect: A phone call 6 months after the negative experience
Your family can expect: No Dear John letters, an unsaid farewell


The most introspective of all signs, you tend to turn inwards to understand experiences.

Your lover can expect: You taking time to reflect on what may have triggered his temper
Your BFF can expect: No 2 AM calls to vent about said lover
Your family can expect: If they’re important, you may let go and forgive. Or keep a grudge until one of you croaks.

you identify people from your life with such behaviors? Your temper may
not be an inheritance, unlike your thinning hairline, after all.

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