What You Wash First When You Shower Reveals How You Are!

Depending on whether you first wash your hair, face, shoulders, talk about your character

Scientists have found that what first washed in the shower actually reflects our character.


and creative types first wash their hair. Daydreaming is your passion,
but you can achieve what most others cannot. You miss some perseverance
and dedication to the goals, but you are willing to work tirelessly to
achieve the desired goals. Money is not so important to you. Your
friends are often intellectuals and / or colleagues of artists. You are
always willing to explore and tuning partner. Talent is your main
strength. Point it and nurture it. Connect with nature and spiritual
dimensions and become even more creative and creative. Look for a life
partner among those who chose “breasts”.


who first wash their breasts are grounded types, practitioners. You are
simple, honest and not environmentally friendly. For you are the most
important convenience and ease. You hate being disturbed when you are
concentrating and impatient with people who do not see things the same
way as you do. You’re a good partner, ready to sacrifice in the
relationship. Try to relax a bit, be more spontaneous and patient, do
not worry so much. Release “control” and life will be a lot more fun.
Your best partners in life will be those who have chosen “hair”.


Reliable and
industrious people first washing their armpits. You’re popular. You’re
ready to help others. Sometimes you have bed judgment for people, or do
not know whether their intentions are honest or not. You are hardworking
and you have talent. You’re a bit naive and you believe everyone. Find
more time for yourself and lose your spirituality. Increase your inner
spiritual power and become more powerful and more satisfied. Choose your
partner among those who first wash their shoulders.


those who first wash their face money is very important and are willing
to work hard enough to get it. You love to have people of benefit and
sometimes think that life is a big hassle.

Others sometimes do not
understand you, but you do not care about it. Sometimes you are in your
world and people think you are egocentric. You have a lush imagination
and a lot of wishes. You are somewhat dependent on your partner, try to
take the initiative and give it more to the relationship. Try to be a
bit smoother and more accessible in relationships, meditate, and
volunteer. You have great potential! Your best partners in life will be
those who have chosen “the other”.


who first wash their shoulders are very responsible. They give
themselves in everything they do. They are sometimes thoughtful because
spend time in solitude but they recharge their batteries. Loneliness
needs to be assembled. You create lifelong friendships with people once
they meet you. Money and power do not attract you too much. In love you
are ferocious and stable. Sometimes you need to relax the “shackles” and
stay more in the fresh air. Practice relaxation and affirmation. Your
ideal partner is the person who first wash their armpits.


who first wash “other” parts of the body have their own values, but
others are sometimes difficult to understand. Deep inside you are a very
good person with little flaw. It’s time to start living with a little
more adventurous spirit. Present your potentials to others. The key to
improving relations with others is emphasizing the quality of their own,
and not merely hide flaws. In love you are passionate and intuitive in
imagination, in practice, the fear of failure sometimes prevents you
from relaxing. Work on your inner development and all your potential
will come to fruition! Your ideal partner is “face”.

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