What Happens When You Shave Your Pubic Hair? Ladies Must Read This!


  • Pubic Hair controls your body temperature
  • Pubic Hair protects you from diseases and skin problems
  • Pubic Hair contains pheromones
  • Higher Risk of genital warts
  • You are more likely to catch molluscum contagiosum (viral infection)
  • It causes skin problems in your private area
  • Hair removal is more dangerous for an overweight woman

Women want to remove the pubic hair and they usually do it by using wax
or with shaving. Their desire to eliminate them is stronger than the
need to ask and investigate whether it is safe or not. If you are a
woman and you want to do this process then you should read this text.

Recent studies proved that eliminating the hair from the intimate zone
is more than dangerous since it can cause different side-effects. The
skin there is so sensitive and if it is cut or irritated then it can be
easily diseased and affected by bacteria. This area is also full with
glands so there is huge possibility that women can damage some glands,
or can help bacteria to go and grow inside the body. If you took the
process of elimination and you have irritation then you should consult
your gynecologist.

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