What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Making Love – And It’s Worse News For Women Than Men

the time when you were just married? The excitement of embarking on a
new journey of life was coupled with tons of passionate lovemaking. In
fact, there would have been a honeymoon phase where both of you could
barely keep your hands off each other. Soon, priorities such as
children, career, and other lifestyle stressors create a phase of
celibacy in your life. And, before you know it, your love-life would
have taken a severe beating. But let us tell you that the less time
between the sheets not only affects your relationship with your partner
but also has disastrous effects on your body. While these issues affect
women as well as men, women seem to be more at its receiving end. Here
is what happens to your body when you stop making love:


Women –

1. Loss Of Libido

from lifestyle stressors, other factors such as pregnancy, age, medical
illness, and general fatigue might make you lose interest in
lovemaking. However, refraining from lovemaking will actually result in a
drastic loss of libido. The best way to improve your libido is to try
and indulge in as much lovemaking as possible. This will ensure that you
get your drive back soon.

2. Weakening Of Vaginal Wall

what happens to something that hasn’t been used for a long time? It
either rusts or doesn’t function properly, right? Well, that is exactly
what happens down there when you don’t make love for a long time. Of
course, the vaginal wall weakens with age and menopause. However,
lovemaking ensures that your lady bits retain their elasticity for a
longer time.

3. Less Amount Of Lubrication

menopause, most women experience a drop in lubrication. This is caused
due to low levels of estrogen after menopause. Also, women with vaginal
infections may avoid lovemaking due to the pain it causes. However,
frequent indulgence in coitus helps in improving the lubrication of the
lady bits and also increases blood flow to the area.

4. Worsening Menstrual Cramps

a woman experiences an orgasm, it releases a hormone that helps to
increase the pain threshold. This acts like a natural painkiller in the
body, which sometimes even reduces menstrual cramps. Therefore, it can
be concluded that the lack of carnal pleasure will certainly worsen your
period cramps.

5. Less UTI

only tiny bit of good news about the lack of lovemaking is that there
are fewer chances of you getting sexually transmitted diseases (STD) or a
urinary tract infection (UTI). Especially when one of you has it, then
the other is particularly saved from the ordeal.

Men –

1. Risk Of Prostate Cancer

men, the number of times they ejaculate drastically reduces their risk
of prostate cancer. There are, though, a small number of dissenting
voices in this regard. However, a large study conducted on 30,000 men
showed that men who ejaculated almost 21 times a month on an average had
less risk of prostate cancer as compared to those who ejaculated just
4-7 times in a month.

2. Increased Frustration

Men generally have a higher sex drive than women.
This is probably why the lack of it is sure to cause more amount of
stress and frustration in them. During an orgasm, the hormone
‘prolactin’ is released. This hormone helps in relaxation and makes you
sleep better. Therefore, the lack of lovemaking makes a man more
frustrated, angry, and snappy.

Now that you know some of the side
effects of lack of lovemaking, here’s how you can deal with them. To
begin with, have a heart-to-heart talk with your partner. Discuss each
others’ expectations and drawbacks. Work collectively around your busy
schedules to be together. If need be, consult a sex therapist to address
your concerns. This way even the little time that you both spend
together will seem totally worth the effort. And, you never know, it’ll
make you fall in love with each other all over again!

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