What Guys Really Want, But Don’t Have The Gut To Tell You !

“Men are from Mars, women are from
Venus”, right? While women mostly discuss their problems, needs and
expectations, this is not the case for men.

Also, this is due because they’re more insecure in their life, not always knowing exactly what they want.

So basically, a guy won’t ask for anything because he doesn’t even know
that he needs it. But, on the other hand, if you “read his mind” and
figure out for some present, surprise or just a small everyday thing, he
would appreciate even more, because he will also figure out that “Wow, I
really needed that”!

Here are the top five that guys would always appreciate and sincerely
love, but’ either don’t know it or don’t have the gut to admit it:

When a girl asks for their advice

Men have an overwhelming need to feel they’ve achieved something that
matters. To feel useful. To “make the day count”. This doesn’t only
regard to their work.

Adding a part of his mind into his partner’s life is also very important
to a man. Whether is advice on clothing, what to eat, work related…
what matters is that he feels more connected and relevant to his

On the other hand, men are great at advices because they’re
solution-oriented and want to fix things. Also, men are “strict to the
point” oriented as well, so getting advice from them would be a really
good thing to ask for.


Getting a compliment I something every man definitely wants, but will
never admit it, because they think that their masculinity will decrease
significantly in the eyes of their partner.

Maybe not as equal as women do, but man feel insecure about their looks
and how stuff look on them as well. They’re human beings as well!

They work out to look good, they cut their hair and beard even more
frequently than a women goes at the hairdresser’s saloon, but they will
never come in the open and say that their partner never appreciates the
effort they’re doing to look the way they look.

When women explain their needs, but in a way that makes them feel good

If a man loves his woman, he would definitely do anything to make her
feel good. Even more, if a man doesn’t think he can make his woman feel
happy, he will probably want to stop the relationship.

So if a woman isn’t satisfied with a gift for her birthday, or by how
the things in the bedroom are developing, or anything else, instead of
keeping silent and feeling repressed,  leaving the “elephant in the
room”, a woman should find a way to discuss with her man and explain
things in a smooth way.

Men’s pride is something which doesn’t cure if it’s hurt. Also, if a
woman starts “lecturing” instead of talking, it’s a definit go-go sign
for the man, because he feels as a child instead of as a man.

Even though man seem stubborn and would do anything that comes on their
mind, they’re also in need of a helping hand and support on their way.

And since they can’t handle failure so well, they definitely need to
feel support so they wouldn’t fear of failure like it’s the last thing
in Earth. When a woman is proud and supporting, the man feel like doing
more and more, but when she’s disappointed – he tends to make the same
mistakes out of feeling worthless or angry. That’s really not good for
the relationship.

Desiring him
The ultimate driving force of a man – knowing his woman is sexually
satisfied from him. Speaking from evolutionary aspect – the male in
every species has this characteristic. Though in some species, women
fight for their men, and in the world of humans, it’s the opposite way.
There is no bigger turn on for man than seeing his woman turned on for

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