What Every Type Of Headache Reveal About Your Health And How This Can Be Cured?

Everyone of us can have a headache and this trick is effective and
can solve this issue. So, eat bananas and have lots of water to remove
the pain. This trick does not work always though. Some of the headaches
can be of several different types and people show some signs when this
happens, but often the doctor misdiagnoses this.

diagnoses can happen because to many headache types and this happens
for many reasons, fatigue, dehydration and serious health issues. MD Dr.
Sakib Qureshi, neurologist, have said that headaches can be manifested
with red light signals and you have to learn them all to recognize them
in time and react.

Yet, instead of just taking a pill when this
happens, try other things. The usual types are 4 and all signal
something about the body. If you learn all the signals you can remove

You can as well skip the painkillers now and try natural methods.

Sinus headache

case you have inflammation of the sinuses you will feel great pain.
This is because of some infection and can cause pressure that is felt on
the cheeks, forehead and eyes, but there is also fever.

consume much liquids and warm water since it opens up the sinuses. Also,
you can have oranges and vitamin C foods, lemon, green tea, and
antioxidants. You can as well have cold and hot compresses, eat soup,
fresh ginger and remove pain and inflammation this way.

Tension headache

most of the usual headaches is with head pressure, back and neck pain
and temples pain. As well, this might make pain that is above eyes. This
one is able to cause vomiting and nausea and is due to stress and
muscle contraction in the scalp and neck.

Cure: mix some mint oil
and ginger tea to remove pain. Then, add the mint oil in the hairline
area to cool it off and relax the head muscles. Ginger tea can also
remove inflammation.

Cluster headache

This one can
appear on one eye and mostly in females. It can as well reoccur and can
appear in a group of clusters. It is quite a sudden one and in one side
of the head. You may as well feel some nasal congestion, runny nose and
more and this happens when nerve pathway is activated in the brain.

Cure: capsaicin cream with some cayenne pepper. Place a bit on the nostril for the nerve pain signals.


usually happen between ages 25-55 but also other ages. In the USA
almost 38 million people have migraines and this is the typical headache
and has many neurological signs. These have severe pains on one side of
the head, throbbing pains too.

This kind of pain is combined with
some dizziness, nausea, vomiting, light sensitivity, touch, visual
disturbance, smell and other sensitivities, tingling in face and more.
The signs can start from the top of the head and go down.

Cure: many migraine patients are able to see results from omega 3 fat acids, B12 and magnesium.

lots of these in order to stop headaches and migraines. Also, as
according to a 2011 study, aerobic workouts also help in prevention,
just as good as the medicine topiramate.

Workout some more, and take meds less.

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