What Does The Cat Doing? Your Answer Will Show You How You React to Problems! – Test

Understand this cat, is that he going up the stairs or going down them?
Once your answer is given, scroll down and find out the method that you react to problems:


1 ) The cat climbs the ladder:
you believe the cat is certainly going up the stairs, you are likely to
be a very emotional person with regards to dealing with problems. You
don’t pay attention to the facts of things, nevertheless, you pay close
attention to what your instincts say.

It’s wonderful, but often you join a sea of ​​emotions without
stopping to take into account how you can solve things. In general, you
are optimistic and do not let the situation overwhelm you; You
understand you have the various tools to solve all the issues.

when things get particularly difficult, it is possible to lose control
rather than know where to go. Let’s say you take your dilemmas quite
quietly … until they escape hand! You have to figure out how to put your
feet on the floor a little more and just take things cooler.


2. The cat falls the stairs:
If you were to think
that the cat is going down the stairs, it is because you’re a person
with an extremely cold mind, who takes the problems of life with his
head. This always makes you discover effective solutions to issues …

when things seem to haven’t any logical solution! With regards to
practical problems, you might be a specialist. The kind of person anyone
would like to have in the future if they get lost on an island. You
will always find the most effective way to resolve things.

But a love break, like can be a dead-end for you personally. Because
you try to find a rational explanation for something that only is due to
feelings. You must learn how to understand your emotions.

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