What Does Having Too Many Lines On Palm Indicate?

In palmistry, the thick and sturdy palm with clear lines is considered as the best while the palm with messy lines is not very good. According to the ancient Chinese saying, the messy palm lines indicate the messy mind and vice versa. If there are too many lines on your palm, it means you often go off into wild flights of fancy and your mind is restless, which brings you many troubles. In particular, you may feel you are frustrated everywhere if there are too many horizontal lines. In fact, miserable or charmed life is a matter of mental state. Many rich people do have too many horizontal lines but they enjoy the charmed life.

From the perspective of life informatics, the complicated and messy lines present the complication of life and the allergic body and cranial nerve, which make you emotional and worry a lot due to the physiological effect. Therefore, the simple, clear and uncluttered palm lines are good while the deep and messy lines indicate the busy life full of ups and downs.

If you have many obstacle lines across your palm and interweave with other lines like the fishing net that you cannot tell the exact connection, and your hand skin is rough, it suggests you may rush about for money. If your hand skin is soft, however, it means you are nervous, unresponsive and unsophisticated in conducting and getting along with others.

For females, the clear palm lines suggest open personality and decisive attitude while the messy lines indicate the wishy-washy attitude and the head filled with nonsense. For women, the messy palms lines are often caused by the random thoughts while for men, caused by family and survival pressure.



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Take Part in More Social Activities

Take part in more social activities, regardless of the form, to improve the interpersonal relationships and create more opportunities to get along with others, which will change your character positively.

Develop an Interest

Generally, too many lines on palm suggest the messy mind of many ideas. Developing an interest suitable for you will improve your concentration.

Marry at a Mature Age

If you have too many lines on palm, you’d better choose an elder or divorced partner and marry at a mature age, or you will be in trouble with your partner.

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