What are Eggshell Nails? – How to Treat Them?

Nail health is one of the
important factors that defines your neurological and internal health.
Although, it is true that nail health cannot define your physical health
but somewhere it does define some important aspects of your internal

nail is a condition of your nails that causes them to appear thin,
white, and brittle like that of an eggshell. The appearance of nails is
influenced by traumas, underlying diseases, and hormonal imbalances.
There are several disorders of the nails that cause them to suffer
heavily. This condition is called “hapalonychia”. One of the main
reasons that lead to the development of Eggshell nails is
‘malnutrition’. Malnutrition or improper diet leads to brittle and weak

The nail matrix that is responsible for the development of
the nail plate rests on the dermis and epidermis layers. The factors
that determine the nail width and length are the thickness, size, and
length of the nail matrix. The dermis and epidermis layers are in turn
attached to the lymph vessels, muscles, and bones. Therefore, any kind
of abnormal functioning of any these leads to several nails disorders.

However, you need not worry about it anymore. Here are some simple ways that will help you get rid of eggshell nails:

1) Balanced Diet:

mentioned above, malnutrition is the primary cause of eggshell nails.
In order, to treat this condition it is important that one consumes a
balanced diet. A proper diet that includes several vitamins and minerals
has to be taken along with supplements of Cod liver oil and vitamin

2) Iron deficiency:

Iron deficiency can also
lead to thin, brittle, and ugly nails. Therefore, make sure you consume
food items that are rich in iron.

3) Vitamins:

from a balanced diet and iron, it is also important that you include
food items that are rich in Vitamin A, C, and B12 in your regular diet.
Citrus fruits and other leafy vegetables are not to be missed!

4) Moisturize:

sure you’ve already heard about how moisturizing your skin and body
plays an important role to keep them hydrated. Similarly, dryness of
nails should be avoided by applying moisturizer frequently. This helps
in keeping your nails hydrated and prevents it from breaking off.

5) Salon Treatments:

sure you inform your nail stylist about the condition of your nails and
get it cleaned often. This helps in preventing the development of any
bacterial and fungal infections.

6) Medications:

the conditions of your nails get worse and do not improve in a long
time, it is recommended to visit a doctor. Visit your dermatologist or
family physician to get it checked. Medications are one of the effective
ways to get rid of your long term eggshell nails.

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