Warning – Doctors Urge Parents: Keep Your Kids’ Baby Teeth

Do you happen to still remember your first baby tooth falling out? So,
for some of us, it was quite frightening and painful, while others got a
nice gift from the Tooth Fairy. Many parents keep their children’s
teeth afterward and while keeping your kids’ teeth may sound strange, we
actually have a reason why it may be worth doing.

Keeping teeth for dental cells

There may exist several grounds for a parent not to throw away a child’s
fallen tooth. But, there is one reason to preserve it has a connection
to the youngster’s future health. Researchers recommend  keeping the
teeth to later get dental stem cells out of them. Later in life, these
cells can even save the person’s life.

What are the dental cells and the way we can preserve them?

Human body consists of tiny elementary parts called cells and is built
out of them the same way a house is constructed out of bricks. These 
cells are divided into three different groups and each of them carries
some special and  separate function. The stem cells are young cells that
will later grow into one of these groups.
The blood cells  are growing and developing in a sponge-like part of the
bone called bone marrow. So, stem cells may be taken from teeth as well
as other parts of the bone. Do not forget that, the teeth should be
properly stored in order to become useful. Doctors and researchers use
many kinds of technology to preserve and later produce stem cells.
How they can help

Our stem cells are able to reproduce any other type of cells in your
body. So, therefore, they are able to replace the damaged ones. Some
studies show that stem cells can help to fight cancer. There are also
studies that are being conducted in order to figure out the potential of
stem cells when it comes to treating other diseases, e.g. heart
Do not forget  that some studies might end unsuccessfully and you should
be sure that the doctors in the clinic are real professionals. In case
you are prescribed stem cell therapy, check with The International
Society for Stem Cell Research to find out more about possible risks.
They as well provide a list of questions you should ask your doctor
before beginning treatment.
Bonus: increase your child’s creativity with their own teeth.

You may be able to keep your child’s teeth for them to use in science
projects. Each future genius needs something to begin with. You can
experiment together with the influence that coffee, sugar or Coke has on
the color and density of the tooth.
In case you do not feel like keeping the tooth, you can just throw it away or bury it in your garden.

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