Try the 28-Day Plank Challenge and Melt Belly Fat and More!

In today’s article, we will
present you with a fat-burning exercise recommended by many fitness
experts. Most importantly it can replace 1000 sit-ups.

The plank
is the best static exercise that strengthens the core and other parts of
your body. If you follow the plank challenge, you will burn belly fat,
strengthen the back muscles, strengthen the buttock, leg and arm

You can slowly increase strength levels and plank timing each time you repeat it for 4 weeks with this challenge.

you are ready to do this you should have a proper upright standing and
position. Keep your upper part of the body straight in line with the
elbows and toes when they are slightly raised.

Keep up this straight
position. Take deep breaths, and feel the stomach muscles get strong,
along with the neck and head. When you contract the buttock muscles,
equally divide the weight into both legs and elbows to have more
strength and balance.

The Challenge

First day -20 seconds

Second day-20 seconds

Third day-30 seconds

Fourth day-30 seconds

Fifth day-40 seconds

Sixth day-Rest

Seventh-day-45 seconds

Eight-day-45 seconds

Ninth day-60 seconds

Tenth day-60 seconds

Eleventh day-60 seconds

Twelfth day-90 seconds

Fourteenth day-Rest

Fifteenth day-90 seconds

Sixteenth day-90 seconds

Seventeenth day-120 seconds

Eighteenth day-120 seconds

Nineteenth day – 150 seconds

Twentieth day-Rest

Twentyfirst day-150 seconds

Twenty-second day-150 seconds

Twenty-third day-180 seconds

Twenty-fourth day-180 seconds

Twenty-fifth day-210 seconds

Twenty-sixth day-Rest

Twenty-seventh day-210 seconds

Twenty-eighth day-240 seconds

Day 28-until disappointment

you definitely know, it is of high significance to be physically
dynamic in the event that you need to get more fit and be fit. Likewise,
we encourage you to abstain from devouring greasy sustenances. A
reasonable eating regimen and standard exercise will assist you with
getting free of abundance weight and get the body you generally longed

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