Treat Receding Gums Naturally Using These Methods

A smile makes everyone look pretty. And pearl-like teeth make that
smile even more charming, doesn’t it? But gum recession is a problem
that can take away some of the charm away. In this condition, teeth are
excessively exposed so that the roots are visible.

the long run, it acts as a breeding ground for bacteria so, it should
be immediately treated. People don’t tend to notice this dental problem.
Its symptoms are swelling in the gum line or excessively visible teeth.
Causes responsible for receding gums are:
Hereditary Problem

may have inherited this dental issue from your parents or grandparents.
In this case, there are not many methods to cure it.
Brushing Teeth Roughly

should be cleaned with a toothbrush having soft bristles. And the
strokes should be made gently, else it damages the gum. Sometimes even
bleeding may occur.
Improper Oral Hygiene

teeth should be done regularly along with flossing and rinsing the
mouth. If this is not done, food can be left in the mouth. This will
lead to bacterial growth.
Hormonal Issues

years and pregnancy period can be susceptible times for hormone-related
issues. Gums become sensitive because of the hormonal imbalance and
they recede.
Gum Infection

It is usually devastating as it attacks the gum directly, destroying both the gum and the bone.

The following are some of the ways to treat this dental condition of gum receding:

Rinsing Mouth With Salt-Water

Every morning, mix some sea-salt in lukewarm water and wash your mouth with it. Not only will it lessen the pain but also reduce the swelling of gums.
Rinsing Mouth With Sesame Oil

oil is anti-bacterial. Use it to wash your mouth for a month and you’ll
notice the benefits. You only have to take a spoonful of it inside your
mouth. Rinse your mouth with plain water after this.

Chamomile Tea Is A Boon

is proven that chamomile tea reduces gum inflammation. But if you’re
unwilling to drink it then you can simply wash your mouth with this
brew. Repeat it at least 3 times a day.
Apply Tea Tree Oil

is medicinal oil which is excellent for your skin. Not only that, but
it’s also helpful in reducing the inflammation of gums. You can mix it
with any toothpaste you use, and brush your teeth with it.
Coconut Oil With Baking Soda
This mix is very effective in killing germs and bacteria. It also lessens the pain.
Eat Cranberries

any kind of dental issues, cranberries are an instant solution. You can
drink its juice to keep the diseases at bay. It cleans your teeth
because it has high vitamin C content.
Consume Green Tea

The antioxidants present in green tea are very good for our oral health. It makes your gum stronger also keeps it clean.

Keep oral issues at bay and make sure that your smile is as beautiful as ever with these natural tips!

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