Top 5 signs you are eating too much sugar + what to do about it

don’t have to eat an entire cake in order to max out the recommended
daily sugar intake. In fact, many foods that aren’t desserts are still
crammed full of the added sweetener. While we all know how important it
is to limit our sugar intake, excess sugar consumption is more common
than you may think In fact, according to an article from Prevention,
Americans eat on average 22 teaspoons per day of sugar!

eating too much, sugar seems to be “normal”; it can definitely have
severe impacts on your health. Let’s take a look at the effects of too
much sugar on your body. You may be surprised to learn the ways that
sugar impacts your body.


Here are 5 signs you are consuming too much:

1. Constant Food Cravings 

article from Prevention indicates that the more you eat sugar, the more
sugar your body craves. It creates a vicious cycle where you body
actually builds up a tolerance and it starts to think that it needs more
sugar to function. It is often compared to the same thing that an
addict may experience once they start abusing drugs.

2. Poor Metabolism 

indicates that too much sugar can result in a variety of problems that
are known as metabolic syndrome. The symptoms include weight gain, high
blood pressure, elevated sugar, obesity and much more.

3. Skin Issues

skin is more likely to break out if you consume too much sugar. There
is a correlation between the severity of acne breakouts and the levels
of sugar in a person’s body.

4. Frequent Cavities 

Digest reminds us that too much sugar can definitely influence your
oral health. As many of us know, sugar exposure can erode your tooth
enamel and ultimately lead to cavities.

5. Low Energy

tricky thing about sugar is that it can give a momentary boost in
energy. However, according to Reader’s Digest, sugar can lead to low
energy levels and headaches.

How to Decrease Sugar

As you can see, too much sugar does not do the body good. Looking for ways to reduce the amount of sugar? Try these tips.

1. Drink Water

article from Mercola suggests sticking to only water as your beverage
choice. Sugary drinks do not offer any health benefits and tap into your
daily sugar intake. Everyday Health also lists sugar craving as a
lesser known symptom of dehydration. Next time you have a craving for
something sweet, try drinking a glass of water first.

2. Eat Whole Foods

daily intake of whole foods should make up about 90% of your diet. The
other 10% can include processed foods that are likely to have more

3. Keep Sugar Consumption Low

Mercola suggests
keeping your sugar consumption to at or below 25 grams per day. Keep in
mind; that fruits have natural sugars in them that should be included
in your daily sugar budget.

4. Relieve Sugar Cravings

people experience sugar cravings, especially if they are used for
regular consumption. However, a Mercola indicates that you can curb
these cravings with acupuncture, yoga, meditation, or another form of
stress management.

Too much sugar can cause serious problems. A
simple change in lifestyle and food choices can make a huge difference.
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