Tips And Tricks To Minimize Pores Using Natural Ingredients

Believe it or not, you can conceal facial pores using natural
remedies if you wish to stay makeup free. Pores can result in acne. You
can’t get rid of them because they are a part of your natural skin but
you can conceal them. 


Pores Explained

Pores function as receptacles for your sebaceous glands and hair
follicles. Sebum, the oil produced by your skin, travels across your
face through your pores so that your skin stays moisturized. So, pores
are necessary for the overall health of your skin. But then they grow
too big and they alter your appearance and this can wreak havoc on your
confidence level.

How Do They Grow?

Constantly changing in size, pores can get both bigger and smaller.
You might start out one week with gaping pores but by the end of it,
they’ll become smaller and you won’t even be able to see them. When
substances like dust, perspiration, makeup, etc. clog your pores they
get bigger.


This easy face mask that you can make at home will reduce the
appearance of your pores and make your skin appear younger and brighter.


  1. Lemon – 1
  2. Yogurt – 1 Tbsp
  3. Rosewater


  1. Exposing your face to steam will make your pores open up
    allowing the mask to work its way in so that your skin can be
    deep-cleansed and the substances clogging up your pores can be removed.
    However, steaming isn’t compulsory.
  2. Zest the lemon and combine the zest with the yogurt and the rosewater till they resemble a thick paste.
  3. Use the paste on your face and let it sit for about a quarter of an hour before rinsing it clean.
  4. Don’t forget to moisturize when you’re done.

More Natural Remedies

There are quite a few remedies out there that you can work with at
home. These are effective for all types of skin. While makeup serves
during an emergency, try to use only natural ingredients if you’re
taking care of your skin every day.


An effective moisturizer, aloe vera can also soothe irritated skin.
It is a good cleanser and is full of essential vitamins and minerals.
Simply apply the gel extracted from the leaves belonging to the aloe
vera plant all over your face. Let it sit for ten minutes before rinsing
it off. Do this every day for the best results.


The acidic nature of apple cider vinegar makes it a good cleanser
with all the properties of a toner. Combine one tbsp of apple cider
vinegar with an equal amount of water. Use a cotton ball to spread it on
your skin. Allow your skin to absorb it. Don’t wash it off. Do this
every day for the best results. Also, the anti-inflammatory property of
apple cider vinegar fights acnes too.


Since it is harmful to bacteria, baking soda is also effective
against acne problems. It also exfoliates your skin and ensures that
your pH levels are stable. Combine 2 tbsps. of baking soda with an equal
amount of water so that it becomes a paste. Spread it over your face by
softly massaging it for about half a minute. Wash it off with cold
water. Do this on every third day.


Helpful for moisturizing and soothing your skin, cucumber can
decrease the appearance of your pores and give your skin a youthful
appearance. Combine 4 slices of cucumber with 2 tbsps. of lemon juice in
a blender. Spread the paste all over your face and let it sit for a
quarter of an hour before washing it off.


This is the easiest way to reduce pores – all you need to do is to
apply it on the big pores and massage your skin softly for a short
while. Wash it off as soon as you’re done. Do this every day to reduce
your pores.

These simple recipes are quite easy to follow and will definitely show results. Try them now!

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