This Japanese Facial Massage Can Get Rid Of Wrinkles And Swelling In Just 5 Minutes A Day (Supermodels Swear by It)

Known as the Japanese Asahi massage, this popular technique is able
to slow down aging and reduce swelling. Videos of the facial massage
have already received millions of views. In recent months, it has even
become popular with supermodels like Natalia Vodianova. By incorporating
this facial massage into your daily routine, you can reduce the signs
of aging. 

This easy massage starts to work quickly. In just two
or three weeks, it will start to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. It
can also reduce the appearance of bags underneath your eyes. 

this massage to work best, you should wash your face and hands with an
antiseptic. You should use a natural cream or oil to reduce the amount
of friction on your skin. This massage is not good for people who have
rashes, the flu, colds, lymphatic system disorders or damaged skin. 

you do the massage, you should feel some pressure from your fingers. It
should not be enough pressure to make you feel uncomfortable. Reduce
the pressure on areas where you have lymph nodes like underneath your
jaw, your ears and your neck. 

Do each movement in the massage
three times. If it is a problem area, you can do the movement four or
five times. Do the Asahi massage each day at the same time to achieve
the best results. 

The Basic Movements 

Use both hands and press your fingers beneath
your temples. This is the area close to the upper edge of your ears.
Then, slide your fingers down toward your clavicles using a slight
pressure. This motion helps to get your lymphatic fluid flowing. Do this
three times at the start of your session. You should also do it at the
end of each separate movement. 

Focus On The Eyes 

The next movement is the area around your eyes.
Using the pads of the middle fingers, press on the outer corner of your
eyes. Keep this pressure as you slide your fingers beneath your eyelids
and toward the inner corner of your eyes. 

After a brief pause, slide your fingers up in an arc underneath your
eyebrows. Then, return your fingers to the outer corners of your eyes. 

Now, move your fingers from the outer corners to the inner corners of your eyes again. 

The Forehead 

Use the pads of your middle, index and ring
fingers. Press in the center of your forehead. With a zigzag motion,
move your fingers from the center of your forehead over to your

Around Your Lips

Do each of these steps three or four times before ending with the basic movement. 

Place both hands next to your chin. Press three of your fingers to
the center of your chin before sliding them in a half-circle in the
direction of your upper lip.

Press into the pads of the middle fingers around the sides of the
nose. Move your fingers in a half-circle toward the arch of your nose
before moving your fingers back. 

Slide the fingers from the nasal arch to your cheeks before returning them back.

The Furrows Of The Nasolabial 

Put your hands on your chin. Use three fingers on
the center of your chin and maintain the pressure. Move your hands to
the inner corners of your eyes without touching the lips. 

Move the fingers from the inner corners of your eyes to your temples. 

Face Oval 

Using the left palm, press against the left side of your jaw. 

Meanwhile, slide the right hand from the outer, right side of the jaw to just below the inner corner of your eye. 

Move your fingers from the outer corner of your eye to your temple.
Then, do the basic movement with just one hand on the right section of
your face. 

Using the right hand, press against the right portion of your jaw.
Use the left hand to do the previous movements on the left portion of
your face. 

Your Cheeks

Put your hands on either side of your nose. Use three fingers to apply pressure. 

Move your fingers along the ridge of your cheekbones toward the temples. 

Place your wrists together with the palms kept apart. 

Push the pads of the palms into your lips and chin so that your cheeks are raised up. 

Move the palms along your cheekbones in the direction of your ears. 

Your Chin

Place your hands in the same position. 

Tilt your head a little forward. Put the pads of your hands on your chin. 

Move the pads of the palm along the ridge of the lower jaw to your earlobes. 

Your A-Zone

Put the thumbs beneath your chin. Rest the fingers so that they meet at your nose in a triangle shape. 

Leave your thumbs in place while moving your other fingers from your nose to your temples. Pull the skin slightly sideways. 

To make sure all of these techniques work well,
make sure to pay attention to your body. Follow the directions exactly,
and you will end up looking younger in no time. 

Have you used this facial massage before? Let us know how it
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