This Is What Happen When You Put Cut Up Onion Inside Your Ear

The powerful medicinal properties of onions have been confirmed by
numerous scientific studies. They boost the immune system, support the
healthy function of the hormones, improve heart health, soothe the

They reduce cholesterol levels, improve the elasticity of blood vessels,
regulate blood pressure, and prevent the hardening of arteries.

Moreover, they lower blood sugar levels and help in the fight against
type 2 diabetes and obesity. They also have powerful antibacterial
properties which detoxify the body.

Onions are rich in a flavonoid known as Quercetin, which is a powerful
antioxidant, with antihistamine, anti-cholesterol, and anti-inflammatory

It is mostly concentrated close to the root and its outer most rings nearest the skin.

Here is how to use onions to treat your health issues:

Soothe an earache and soften earwax buildup

Place the most inner part of an onion in the ear to soothe an earache
and soften the earwax. Leave it to act until the next morning.

Fight colds

You can either eat a raw onion as soon as you experience the first sign
of a cold, or boil it, add ginger and honey, and drink the tea.

Soothe cough

Peel a larger onion, cut it in half, and cover the tops of the halves in
half a tablespoon of brown sugar. After an hour, hollow up the syrupy
contents of the dish, and eat it twice daily. You can also make a honey
and onion juice.

Fight fever

Chop onions and potatoes, mix them with some minced garlic and put them
in a pair of socks. Put the socks on, get in bed, and apply a cloth
soaked in apple cider vinegar on the forehead.

Eliminate an eye irritant

Cut a piece of onion to stimulate the flow of tears, which will help you remove the irritant out of the eye.

Soothe bee stings and other insect bites

Get rid of the stinger at first, and then apply grated or crashed white
onion on the place. The anti-inflammatory properties of onions treat the
swelling, while the natural antihistamine prevents allergic reactions.

Treat surgical wounds

Onions will help you heal wounds and scars, especially in people with darker skin.

Heal burns

Apply a slice of an onion on the burn and leave it to act for 2 minutes.
Then, whip up some egg whites and apply to the affected area, let it
dry in order to create a protective barrier, and cover with a gauze
bandage. This will heal the burn almost instantly, and it will leave no

Fight infections

Prepare this onion paste to treat infected wounds:

Boil some milk, pour it onto a thick slice of white bread, grate an
onion over it, and mash it into a paste. Then, apply this paste to a
cleaned area, leave it to harden, and it will pull the infection out of
the body in a few hours.

Cure cuts

Apply a slice of onion to the cut to prevent infections and clean the
area. Apple some onion skin on the place to seal it and stop the
bleeding. In case of larger cuts, secure it with gauze.  Repeat twice

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