This Is How To Lose Face Fat And Eliminate Double Chin Easily

Today more then ever everyone wants to learn how to lose face fat. This
is because the first part from the body that people notice is the face.
Unfortunately, most of the people have face fat issues. But, all of them
wants to look beautifully especially in the face as their models.

The most annoying thing is that face fat is almost impossible to get rid
of. You can still have the chubby face even if you have lost weight and
get the figure of your body as you imagined. So it’s not easy to lose
face fat and can take a lot of work.

It’s not too difficult to get the looks of a model and losing face fat.
That’s why we came up with 7 proven exercises. If you use them, you will
be able to lose your face fat with minimal fuss, easily, and quickly.

Even if we are not overweight and on the average side, chubby cheeks and
double chin, can make us look fat because the face is the first to be
noticed. You are at the right place if you want to learn how to lose
face fat easily.

Face fat can make us look older and heavier than our actual weight.
Regular workout with some exercises and a disciplined diet can help
reduce face fat quickly.

How to Lose Face Fat in 2 days


The first thing that you must learn if you want to lose face fat quickly
and easily is how to smile. The best opportunity you can have to lose
face fat is smiling. It’s the easiest workout you can do for your
cheeks. That’s because the smile stretches the muscles of your cheeks.
This kind of muscle stretching can help to lose the fats of the cheeks
and resolve this problem.

How to:

Bend up your knees and lie on your back without a pillow with knees and feet resting on the bed.

Open your mouth widely and then close it slowly with resisting.

Try to have a big smile without clenching your teeth.

Lift your head slightly and then put it down, while you are smiling

Repeat this 7 times.

Fish Face

One of the easiest facial exercises for cheeks that you can do at any
time is the fish face exercise also known as “smiling fish face”. You
can do it while listening to your favorite music or watching T.V. This
exercise helps in spreading and toning cheek muscles and lose the face
fat quickly.

How to:

Form a fish face while pouting your lips and sucking your cheeks.

Try to smile while forming a fish face and hold for 5 seconds.

Relax when you feel the pressure on your jaws and cheeks.

Do this 15 to 20 times.

Blowing Air Exercise

This exercise can solve the problem with face fat by working almost all
the neck and facial muscles. It is one of the effective face exercises
to get rid of chubby cheeks and to reduce double chin. The blowing air
exercise impacts on the neck, cheeks, and jaws muscles and tones them to
give a natural facelift.

How to:

Sit straight on a chair and bend your head back so as to face the ceiling.

Blow out air from your mouth while pulling your lips together.

Relax after 5 seconds blowing out air.

Do this 15 to 20 times.

Chin Lifts

The chin lift is a great exercise that helps in stretching most of the
facial muscles which include throat, neck, and jaw. While you are doing
this exercise just make sure that you are only using your lips and not
any other facial muscle. You can do this exercise either in the standing
or sitting position.

How to:

Stretch your neck as much as you can and throw back your head.

Keep your eyes fixed on the ceiling.

Try to move your lower lip over the upper lip while smiling widely.

Hold this pose for 10 seconds and repeat it 10 times.

Stretch Your Face Muscles

Stretching your face muscles with the help of your hands is another
great technique. First, you can do it by lowering your chin in a way
that it can touch the chest. Then you can pull the skin in a way that
your skin moves under the cheekbones. When you are in the right
position, you have to say “Ah”. You need to repeat the technique three
times a day.

Jaw Release

Jaw release exercise is certainly one of the most effective facial
exercises to reduce the double chin. It helps in stretching the muscles
around your cheeks, lips, and jaws.

How to:

In a sitting or standing position, in a straight posture.

Keep your lips closed while moving your jaw just like you are chewing.

Breathe through your nose and then slowly exhale while humming.

Open your mouth widely with the tip of your tongue gently pressed at the back of your bottom teeth.

Stay in this position for 5 seconds and continue breathing in and out. You need to complete 2 reps of the exercise.

Tightly Close The Eyes

The last technique of losing face fat is simply closing the eyes with
the help of the muscles of your cheeks. You just need to make sure that
you are feeling the contraction of your facial muscles. Hold this pose
for 10 seconds and then relax your face muscles. You should repeat this 5
times a day at least.

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