These 10 Breakthrough Products Will Totally Change Your Beauty

Just when you thought living in our modern age couldn’t get better: beauty brands are relying more heavily on innovative technology and plain old wonderful science to deliver results that beauty customers never would have imagined possible decades ago. From “smart conditioners” that can help your hair grow past its “cutting point” to at-home light therapy treatments that can reduce acne and fine lines, the best time to be a beauty maven is this very moment. Here are 10 beauty products that incorporate tech breakthroughs to give you the best skin, hair, and makeup experiences of your life.

The Purifier: MDNA SKIN Rejuvenator Set

Made with volcanic clay from the Tuscan town of Montecatini (famed for its spa treatments), the Chrome Clay Mask absorbs impurities and delivers essential minerals. Remove it with the accompanying Skin Rejuvenator, a multifunctional device with a Magnetic Head for lifting the mask from your skin and an Infusion Head for optimizing the mask’s benefits deeper in the skin.

MDNA SKIN Rejuvenator Set, $600,

The Heavy Lifter: SculpSure

Say goodbye to fat cells in as little as 25 minutes with the FDA-approved, non-invasive pro treatment that uses a wide handheld laser to target fat on your belly and thighs. How it works: Heat helps empty fat cells, while cool blasts of air minimize discomfort. Studies show each treatment can eliminate up to 24 percent of treated fat cells.

SculpSure, $1300-$1500 per session, to find a

The Glow Getter: MDNA SKIN The Serum

This mega moisturizer is based on a beautifying cocktail that Madonna herself swears by. Formulated with three types of hyaluronic acid (the mother of all hydrators because it can hold 1000 times its weight in water) and rejuvenating minerals, this must-have is far from basic.

MDNA SKIN The Serum, $240,

The Skin Smoother: Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Pro LED Mask

Put on this sci-fi-esque device like you would a pair of sunnies then let the 72 LED lights work their collagen-boosting magic on fine lines around your eyes. To recharge, simply plug the USB cord into your computer.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare SpectraLite EyeCare Pro LED Device, $159 

The Eye Opener: MDNA SKIN The Eye Mask

Consider this the ultimate sheet mask. The microfiber fabric has a rayon core that contains a high dose of moisturizing serum, healthy skin minerals, plus the cell culture of an aquatic microorganism shown to be a stellar skin protector. The extended shape snuggly hits the very inner and outer corners of eyes to target dark spots and fine lines—and doesn’t budge.

MDNA SKIN The Eye Mask, $50,

The Hydrator: Skinade

Along with diligent skincare, taking an inside-out approach is becoming part of a healthy beauty routine. This daily drink contains 7000mg of collagen (the foundation to youthful-looking skin), along with vitamin C and l-lysine, which can help spur collagen production.

Skinade, $150 for 30 day course,

The Detoxifier: HigherDOSE At-Home Wrap

Every model, ‘It’ girl, and fitness guru swears by infrared saunas to relax, detox, burn calories, and perfect their skin. Now, experience this hot treatment (literally!) at home. Climb inside a sleeping bag-like device that gives off infrared light and heats three body zones individually or all at once—upper chest and shoulders, stomach, and lower body—for up to 60 minutes per session. 

HigherDOSE At-Home Infrared Sauna Wrap, $695,

Clarisonic Mia FIT 

The newer, smaller sister to the original Mia, this lightweight version is a must-have for traveling. We love that it stands alone (without a mount) and uses less counter space. And, despite its size, it still packs the same powerful punch you’ve come to expect from the brand.

Clarisonic Mia FIT ($219),

Dr. Jart+ Liftra Contour Shaper 

Easy to use—no power outlets necessary—this unique massage roller glides over your jawline, neck and cheekbones to help boost circulation and stimulate your facial muscles. You’ll like the cool feeling it gives, and the results: a firmer, more contoured look.

Dr. Jart+ Liftra Contour Shaper ($80),

Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light 

This battery-operated tool is a beauty junkie’s dream. It uses red, blue and yellow LED light therapy plus low-frequency stimulation to tackle multiple signs of aging (think lines, loose skin and even acne) with more power than a cream can deliver.

Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light ($265),

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