The simplest ritual for teeth whitening found on the Internet!

It’s a common fact that almost
everything you can buy in the drugstore as remedy or prescribed
treatment – you can alternatively do it at home. A toothpaste, a
headache remedy, therapy that improves your circulation etc…

it comes to dental surgery and dental issues, unfortunately, you can’t
find a replacement at your home to cure a rotten tooth, put a plumb and
find a permanent solution for the ache in your tooth.

You simply must visit the dentist and let’s be honest – it’s not a very cheap procedure as well.

Well, for one “dentist
favor” you can skip the dentist’s office and make a DIY treatment.
That’s tooth whitening. There are also many teeth whitening products in
the stores, but why waste money when you can simply do the same
treatment at home?

The bases of the whitening treatment
are mostly carbon, or carbamide peroxide to be more exact. It’s not so
weird. Do you know what primitive people used for the same purpose and
also for washing dishes? Ashes. It has the same substance inside.

To do a whitening treatment at home, in the form of a paste, you would need the following ingredients:


Aluminum foil

Baking soda

Quite cheap ingredients, right?

you would need to take a little tea spoon of baking soda and mix it
with one quarter of you regular toothbrush dose. Then, make a piece from
the aluminum foil that’s wide as your teeth.

apply the mixed paste with the baking soda on the aluminum foil and put
it on your teeth. Then comes the “hard part” you should let it stay like
that for an hour.

Repeat the same for about two weeks
to get remarkable and really visible results. Or just do it until
someone compliments you about your teeth.

Because we
are not using any toxic chemicals in this procedure, it has also been
confirmed by dentist that is completely safe and harmless to do it at

Give it a try and tell us what you think!

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