The Shape Of Your Lips Can Describe Your Personality

Did you ever realize that a tiny gesture of your lips communicates more
than what a thousand words can? You bite your lip in a certain
monotonous way, and it’s obvious you are nervous. You bite in another
way, we know you are feeling seductive. And then, there are a variety of
smiles – one when you are shy, another when you are sarcastic, yet
another formal one, and that one when you want to fake it.

so much to that pair of pink lips. While all this was about the
activities surrounding your lips, did you also know that just the shape
of your lips is enough to predict your traits and temperament? Look in
the mirror and find out which category your lips come under and read
what these shapes tell about your personality.
1. Natural Lips
looking at the shape, have you concluded that your lips are neither too
thin nor too stout? Then, you have balanced lips where the upper lip
and the lower lip are proportionate and of the same size/shape. Just
like your lips, you have a stable personality. You aren’t too emotional
or short-tempered. This makes it easy for you to be calm and composed in
extreme situations. Also, you are a great listener. You listen to
people, empathize with them, and give them apt advice when they ask for

2. ThinDo
both the upper lip and the lower lip look thin? Then, you are the kind
who likes to be alone. You can spend hours with yourself and still won’t
get bored or feel lonely. Interestingly, although you enjoy your
company the best, you can still get away with social gatherings. In
fact, you are loved and admired by many people. Probably it is this lack
of interest in socializing that makes you a misfit in the
entrepreneurial zone. Managing money and business is not your thing.

3. Full, Puffy Lips (Beestung)
you are not selfish, but you like putting yourself first. You certainly
can be that 3:00 AM friend, but not if you have an important meeting
the next day. You give the impression to onlookers that you are
self-obsessed, although you are not. You don’t have the slightest hint
of guilt when you are searching for pleasure. Also, you look for
perfection and beauty in all things.

4. Cupid’s Bow
and his bow. Aren’t they outright adorable? That’s exactly how your
lips look. Are you the one with these lips? You love to enamor people
with your oratory skills. And why not? Wouldn’t they be already enticed
with such lips, anyway? If you are fortunate, they will forgive you for
the occasional nasty things you unintentionally blurt out. And if people
are busy looking at your lips, you can get away with whatever you say.

5. Thin And Thick
am not confusing you. Look in the mirror. Is the upper lip thicker than
the lower one? Then, I am sure you have had several arguments with
people who are pleasure seekers, for, you have something against
material possessions. Also, you are stoic and disagree with those having
hedonistic ideologies. Your emotions are strong and firm. There is no
dilly dallying when it comes to taking decisions.

And, if you
have a thin upper lip with the lower lip on the thicker side, you are
full of energy and enthusiasm. You do everything with sheer confidence
and don’t like to call any task difficult or impossible. Also, owing to
the ease with which you can communicate with people, you come to be
known as the most friendly person. Plus, you use your intuition when it
comes to understanding or dealing with stressful situations.

6. Pointed Natural
know whether your lips come under this category, look for the shape of
your philtrum. Usually, it is rounded with sharp ends. With these lips,
you surely are very sensitive. Your abilities to sense other people’s
problems makes you a great empath. You like helping people in need and
are compassionate to their misery. If people still believe this world is
a good place, it is because of people like you.

7. V-Shaped PhiltrumWhen
the philtrum is conspicuous and v-shaped, it gives a characteristic
shape to the upper lip. If the description fits your lips correctly, you
are a very creative person. You choose explicit ways of
self-expression. Since you are expressive, socializing isn’t difficult
for you. You mentally associate things very well. This not only makes
you creative but also makes it easy for you to remember everything to
the extent of remembering random people’s names and probably even their

Well, the lips are one of the most beautiful features
of your face. Now you know that even the shape of your lips tells so
much about your personality. Did you find this interesting? Do you
relate to these characteristics according to the shape of your lips?
Comment below to let me know.

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source : stylecraze

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