The Secret to Back Pain is In Your Feet! Learn the 10 Exercises That Fix Everything!

Back pain is a very common problem that most of the people experience at
some point of their life. Such pains can be triggered by different body
postures, improper sitting, standing and many others and they can
appear on a daily basis.

However, this article provides you an easy and very simple way to
release your pain. It includes exercises that will help you remove pain
in the back, knees and hip.

If you practice them more often, you won’t experience any problems.
These are the moves that will improve your balance and body posture, and relieve your pain.

Feet are one of the most important body parts that control your overall
balance, body posture and some pains. They enable our movement
throughout the day while withstanding some uncomfortable footwear. A
suitable care of them will provide a prime condition of the whole body.

With aging our feet become deteriorated and painful so it is hard to
walk. That’s the reason why one in three Americans fall suddenly and the
risk of falling increases in the 80s and the 90s.

While walking, the pressure on each foot controls the balance of the
rest of the body. Also, pain in one foot can put off your balanced
walking or standing.

If you exercise on a regular basis, you will strengthen your muscles and
keep a proper blood flow thus preventing any balance problems connected
with age.

The balance relates to body posture and it involves a proper alignment
of bones and muscles to keep your upright. If they are not aligned in
the proper manner your body posture can out of balance.

According to a study, women who wear high heels have greater risk of
experiencing pain in the lower back. This pain can cause problems with
the posture and you have to undertake different methods to relieve the

We’re going to show you a few simple exercises that will support your
back muscles and posture and relieve the pain in your lower back.

Toe Press

You should get a good warm up prior to engaging in any exercise. You may
want to use toe press movements in order to get your body prepared and
your blood flowing.

Stand straight up and then bend the knees slightly, so that you grab the
floor with the toes. Practice this exercise for about 5 seconds and
then do 10 repetitions. Practice this exercise 3 times on a daily basis
for best results.

Stretch the toes

Grab a chair and sit on it. Place your left leg on your right thigh and
grab your toes with your right hand. Start shaking them up and down and
stretch them on the side for 10 seconds. Stop, rest and repeat three
more times with each foot.

Walk on your toes

Walking on your toes can do wonders for your back. Try doing it 5 times per day for 15-20 seconds each time.

Toe pencil

This is a fun exercise but an effective one nonetheless. While standing
up, bend your knees and place a pencil on the floor in front of you. Try
to lift it up with your toes, hold it for 10 seconds and release.
Perform it 5 times with each foot and do it at least 3 times a week.

Ankle rotations

Lie back flat on the floor or on your bed and stretch one leg up. Start
rotating your ankle for 15 seconds in one direction, stop and continue
in the other direction for 15 more seconds. Repeat the same with the
other ankle. This exercise is good for your knees, ankles and hips and
will provide immediate relief with joint pain.

Tendons stretches

Stand facing towards a wall and stretch one leg in front of you. Bend it
at the knee and try moving your hips forward. Remain in this pose for
30 seconds before you repeat it with the other leg. Do it twice a day
with each leg.

Heel stretches

While sitting on the floor stretch one leg in front of you and bend your
other leg under your thigh. Try reaching for your toes and grab them.
Now move them around for 30 seconds and repeat with your other leg.

Tennis ball massage

Grab a tennis ball and place it under your foot’s arch. Go back and forth over the ball for a couple of minutes each day.

Upward stretches

Lie down on the floor with your back and stretch your legs in front of
you. Wrap a towel around one feet, raise it up and make sure your knee
is straight the whole time. Start pulling your knee over the head
slowly, stay in this pose for 30 seconds, before repeating it with the
other leg.

Resistance bend

Take a resistance bend and sit on the floor, stretching your legs in
front of you. Wrap the bend around a chain on one end and around the top
of your feet on the other. Try to slide back as far as you can and stop
when you start feeling a tension in your foot. Hold in that position
for 10-15 seconds, rest and repeat it for 10 more times.

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