The Mystery Behind the Letter X On Your Palms Revealed!

Even if you think you haven’t, you
most likely have come across some instance of palmistry in your life,
even if it was just in a random episode of your favorite TV show.


is the art and divination of reading and then also interpreting the
various lines, markings, and stories that are on the palms of one’s
hands. This type of reading is most commonly associated with gypsies and
spooky, hokey-pokey fortune-tellers, but the history of palmistry
actually dates back to ancient years since instances of it have been
seen in ancient Egypt, China, Tibet, Mesopotamia, and also Persia.
People have used palmistry to supposedly predict or explain many life
occurrences, but what is the mystery behind the letter X on people’s


The History Of Palmistry

Americans today often look
at palmistry more or less skeptically, tending to avoid it altogether or
consider it a fun game to play from time to time. However, throughout
the many years of its existence, palmistry has taken on a number of
different forms. It was once a trusted way of determining the future.
Additionally, throughout its existence, palmistry has focused on various
aspects of the palm, including pigmentation spots that were once
thought to be the Devil’s mark, and also other aspects that palmists use
today to determine the personality and destiny of a person getting
their palms read. 

There are many different lines,
symbols, or markings that a palmist looks for when attempting to carry
out a reading for a client. Many of us have heard of the infamous
“lifeline,” as well as the travel lines or the “Girdle of Venus.” While
there tend to be many different names given to small markings on your
average hand, to a palmist, they all mean something. One mark in
particular that tends to carry a bit of significance to a palmist is the
presence or lack of an X on one’s palm.

Since palmistry often
gains a creepy, skeptical reputation, the attention that the confusing
“letter X” gained drew the attention of the STI University in Moscow,
Russia. The university revealed in a well-detailed research paper more
information and a better understanding of this “letter X” and what
palmists say it means. Over 2 million people were studied for this
research paper, after which interesting conclusions were drawn in terms
of people who had a letter X on their hand and those who did not. Many
different personality traits and qualities were specifically present in
people who had any form of an X on either or both of their palms.


What Does An X On My Palm Mean?

research revealed that a person with an X on one or both of their palms
were incredibly successful, highly competitive by nature, always
willing to rise to a challenge, made an incredibly deep impression on
the world around them, and would leave behind a legacy after their death
that would survive for a long time. That being said, there was also
additional information presented for every combination of an X on the
hand: (1, 3, 4, 5)

  • Letter X On Your Left Palm Means: Since
    your left side is associated with your emotional and psychic energies,
    such as situations requiring your mind and soul, an X on your left hand
    means you possess a high level of emotional intelligence. You are caring
    and compassionate, which makes you a respectable leader.
  • Letter
    X On Your Right Palm Means: Your right side is associated with the
    physical and mental side of life, so an X on your right hand means you
    are skilled at analyzing and understanding situations you encounter. You
    don’t tend to act without preparing, and your ability to apply logic
    and reason in your thinking and decision making helps you find success
    in the things you do.
  • Letter X On Both Hands Means: You have
    brought the emotional, mental, and physical strengths of both your right
    and left hand together in order to be a well-balanced individual with
    many strengths and advantages. You can master emotional intelligence as
    well as strong logic. There’s nothing that will hold you back.

Do you have a letter X on either of your palms? What do you think it means?

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