The Most Effective Exercises to Get Thinner Thighs

Warm weather pushes us to do an exercise program after spending all
winter pampering with seasonal dishes. We propose a series of exercises
to tone your thighs that will result in an enviable physical condition.

Ball Squats

you want to have thinner thighs, this exercise guarantees the success.
This is because it is based on squats, that move the muscles of the
upper legs, especially. Position yourself with your back to the wall and
put a Pilates ball between you and the wall. Then, let yourself down
and get up shortly, while moving the ball with your back. Stay 3 seconds
in position when you let yourself down. Start with five repetitions per
training. In a few days of training you must be able to do at least 12
repetitions each training session.


exercise involves movements that help you stay in balance for a few
seconds. Stand on your feet, with a weight of 2 kg in the left hand.
Bend your left leg slightly and put your weight on it, while you raise
the right. The next stept is to lean forward and try to stay in balance.
You have to do 12 repetitions on one leg. After a short pause (no more
then 30 seconds), do this exercise on the other leg.

Plyometric squats

is an exercise of agility, which requires a squat and a jump. It is a
very simple exercise: All you have to do is to stay squatted, leaning
slightly forward. Let yourself down, as when you perform a squat, then
do a broad jump.

Circle on one foot

Lay on your
back with your arms straight at your side and palms on the floor. Raise
your left leg and stretch it very well. With the leg up in the air, make
an ample side move – outwards, like wheeling the leg. Inhale, exhale
and do the same movement with the left leg. Do five movements on each
leg. It is very important to keep your muscles very tense during these

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