The Length Of Your Pinky Finger Reveals A Lot About Your Love Life!

If you ever tried to go for fortune telling for fun, you will know the
importance of lines on your palms. They can apparently determine your
fate, from career to health to relationships. Of course, the same can be
applied to your fingers.

And here’s 3 ways your fingers say about you and your love life. Decide for yourself if it’s accurate.

Your pinky only reaches the very first joint of your ring finger
shows that you’re not very good at communicating with others,
especially when trying to express your thoughts and feelings. When
you’re alone with someone you like, you tend to lose confidence and keep
quiet. You will think a lot. Stop thinking and just act natural.
Be brave! Your saviour is special days like birthdays and holidays. On
those days, just remember to keep smiling and talk with confidence.

Your pinky is over the first joint of your ring finger
are a witty person who can also talk well. You react and think fast in
any situation and you’re pretty good at conversing with others.
What is good for you in your love life is that you easily talk to the
person you like and being natural at that. Nothing much to worry about
for you. Simply say hi to the person you want to approach and the
conversation should go on naturally since you’re good at showing your

Your pinky can’t reach the first joint of your ring finger
are good at hiding your feelings, you poker face. The first thing you
do when you like someone is to not show it. You will be observing the
other person. If he/she disappoints you by his/her actions or doesn’t
seem to like you, you will simply give up.
Your way to success is to not confess immediately when you don’t know
someone well. Send some texts and get close to each other before showing
your feelings. An effective way is to ask your friend for some help by
being the middleman.

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