The Biggest Cover Up in the History of Cancer: Vitamin B17

Nowadays, we have access to numerous studies, research, etc. But,
regardless of the advancements in both medicine and science, cancer
hasn’t been cured yet. The conventional treatments, i.e. chemo and
drugs, can have serious side effects.


However, it appears that the cure for this detrimental illness may be
hidden in nature, that is, in apricot kernels. They contain laetrile or
vitamin B17. It’s consisted of 2 main components-glucose and hydrogen
cyanide. The cyanide should not worry you because it’s present in traces
and scientists explain that eating a few seeds daily cannot be harmful.
In fact, one would need to eat 65 seeds in one day to experience its
negative effect.


Otherwise, it’s believed that these seeds have the power to destroy
the harmful cancer cells only, leaving the healthy ones undamaged. When
used in adequate amounts, cyanide destroys the tumor without affecting
the body in any other negative way.

Believe it or not, although there was a research regarding the effect
of vitamin B17 on cancer, aren’t publically available since the FDA has
banned any kind of laetrile treatment of cancer patients. According to
some alternative physicians, this is done in order to prevent a
reduction in the profit of the pharmaceutical industry.

John A. Richardson, M.D. has treated patients with laetrile and the results were published in the book Laetrile Case Histories: The Richardson Cancer Clinic Experience.
Although it’s not a part of the official treatment of cancer, a lot of
people opt for it as a way to treat this dangerous disease.

Apricot kernels can be found on as supplements and there
are a lot of people who’ve benefitted from them in this or that way. For
example, some managed to treat indigestion, toenail inflammation,
prostate problems, obesity, etc.

If you decide to include them to your diet, you need to reduce the
intake of sugar as well if you want the treatment to bring positive

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