The Acupressure Point on Your Ear That Relieves Stress Like no Other

The 21st century can be stressful. It can be your office work or college
– but things are racing ahead fast and it’s turning into a
tension-filled journey. We could all do something to get us free from
stress. Acupuncture has the answer. Our body has some specific points
which are called de-stress points.  If you massage these points, it will
release endorphins in your brain and make you feel relaxed and happy.
It also helps your immune system – so being happy is good for you. Our
ears actually have such a point that could de-stress us if we massage it

The de-stressing spot
The Shen men point of our ear is deeply connected to our body functions.
Located at the center of the top third area of the ear – it’s called
the Gates of Heaven for a reason. Massage it properly and you can feel
your body going light as air. Whenever you feel stressed out, don’t keep
it in. Start massaging and feel the endorphins bursting in your body –
release stress and lead a happy life. Dr. Sandomirsky already has some
advice for you.

Expert advice

Use a cotton bud to press and rub this spot, while breathing in.

Understand what is happening in your body

Keep breathing in

As you inhale, look to your left, as you exhale, turn right

You will experience a calm spreading in your body

More tips

You can use your fingers to massage around this point

Destress your body by massaging it properly

Do it every night before bed for a sound sleep.

Relieve stress by massaging your ear in this manner

Feel refreshed by pulling your ear lobes with your thumb and forefinger

Take hold of your earlobes lightly between your forefinger and thumb and
then pull it downwards gently. Breathe out. Repeat 6 times. You will
capture more sounds and you will feel refreshed.

Aerobics for ear

Aerobics is not just for your body, they are for your ears too. And they
are healthy! Make an aerobic ear routine. Rub and stroke every inch of
your outer ear. Then move to the middle ear and make sure you get every
tricky access point as you massage. Once, you are satisfied, move to the
back of the ear. Press the earflaps forward and target the ridge where
the ears join the skull. Do it softly but target every point. You will
see heat escaping from your body and blood surging in your ear. You will
feel more energized than before.

Become more concentrated by unrolling your outer ears

Hold the outer part of your ear and slowly unroll it. Do it thrice. It’s
a great exercise that will open up the focusing areas of your brain.
You will be able to concentrate on your job more. Do it before your new
job, or teach your kids so that they can focus more on their schoolwork.

Get rid of tension by massaging the ear lobes in circles

Let your thumb and index finger massage the lobes of your ear in a small
circular motion. Once you feel you’ve done it a number of times, go up
and do the same for the entire ear by holding the center of the external
part.  You will slowly feel your stress escaping from your body. Your
ears are connected to the brain and the pituitary glands. A bit of soft
massaging activates the brain and the gland and destresses it. It also
helps them function better.

Get rid of worries by massaging the outer ears

Cover your left ear with your left palm and your right ear with your
right palm. Now close your eyes and let your shoulders drop. Move your
palms in a circular motion, massaging the outer part of the ear with
your palms. Continue for a couple of minutes and do it again in the
opposite direction. It will destress your body and get you detached from
whatever worries you are having. Become anxiety-free.

Our body has a lot of mysteries, and it has many healing points. Make
health your priority and do whatever you can to keep a healthy
lifestyle. De-stress yourself – and live a worry-free life.

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