The 5 Best Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets

Until the fountain of youth is discovered, we all just have to keep
looking for ways to keep ourselves looking youthful and radiant. Of
course, nothing can prevent aging, but the aging process doesn’t have to
be too obvious if you take good care of your skin and body. 


A balanced diet, skin care,
proper hydration, the right products, effective treatments, and
stress-free living all come together to cast the magic spell of
anti-aging beauty. Psst – keep on reading to learn more secrets on the

Say No to Sugar!

It’s easy enough to learn more about powerful foods that can make your skin glow
from the inside and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. But even if you
do your best to eat healthy for your main meals, your sweet tooth can do
you dirty. Refined sugar is the biggest enemy of youthful-looking skin!
Essentially, sugar can cause inflammations in the skin that you might
not be aware of; however, these silent inflammations will harden and dry
out the skin, thus making it more prone to wrinkling and sagging.

Apply Enough Sunscreen

Now, it’s no secret that sunscreen protects the skin against the
damaging sun rays, and consequently, against aging, too. It is a
must-have in every skin care routine!
But, what you may not know though, is that SPF in your typical
moisturizers and makeup is often not enough. Actually, anything below
SPF 30 doesn’t really count. But what you want to do when protecting
your face, is to get a well-absorbing sunscreen with SPF 50 and apply
two layers of it! Don’t forget your neck and chest area as they show
signs of aging even faster than the face.

Proper Sleep Actually Counts

All that advice saying you need 8 hours of regular sleep
is not just for your energy and mood. During the night, when you sleep,
your body performs some magic of its own, reducing the effects of
stress hormones but increasing the production of growth hormone. This
repairs the body on a cellular level, which includes your skin.

If you really can’t get to sleep for 8 hours straight, at least make
it a point to go to bed and wake up at the same time in order to allow
your body to work with your schedule, too.

Make the Most out of Available Treatments

You might think that beauty salons are all gimmick, but that’s not
necessarily true, especially with all the beauty advancements in this
day and age. Now, no one’s telling you to go under the knife in order to
look younger. But just like you have a skin care regimen, you can also
create an elevated treatment regimen. After all, why not utilize
everything that’s at your disposal?

That said, injectable dermal facial fillers,
also known as cosmetic fillers, are the simple, fuss-free procedure
that offers proven anti-aging results. The process involves an injection
to problem areas that show signs of aging such as sagging or loss of
volume. The best thing is that it’s possible to stimulate collagen
production in your skin all over again.

Sesame Oil Before Shower

Organic sesame oil can be found in specialty health food stores and
online, but its effectiveness goes beyond cooking. Actually, a great
anti-aging technique involves massaging sesame oil all over your body
and face just before the shower/bath. If you do it in the morning it will wake you up as an added bonus.

For starters, sesame oil will deeply penetrate your skin and
moisturize it, which is crucial for maintaining youthful plumpness.
Furthermore, once you get in the shower, washing off sesame oil will
effectively get rid of accumulated dirt and dead skin cells without
stripping or damaging your skin at all. It’s a win-win result!

Taking the time to care for your skin and health are crucial aspects
of self-love. You have all the right to enjoy some personal alone time
to relieve stress and boost your appearance in the process. Don’t forget
to enjoy every single moment of it! 

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