The 10 Best Health Podcasts for Women

When it comes to getting healthy, we want to surround ourselves with
constant motivation, inspiration, and knowledge that help us to create
the healthy lifestyle we want. And what better way to surround yourself
with awesome information and inspiration than listening to the best health and fitness podcasts out there.


As an avid listener of podcasts and a woman concerned with health and
wellness (both my own and that of my family), I have listened to A LOT
of different health podcasts. But this list is comprised of the absolute
best health podcasts for women in 2021.


Since being healthy is a lot more than just eating the right foods
and moving enough, this list includes podcasts that cover all aspects of
health: from physical wellbeing to mental health. You’ll find array of
health podcasts that will help you feel better in your body and soul.

Let’s dive in!

The Food Psych

The Food Psych Podcast
is, hands-down, one of the best health podcasts for women that exists.
If you’re looking to heal your relationship with food, feel good in your
own skin, and find true health and wellness then this podcast is for

The host, Christy Harrison, is a no-nonsense registered dietitian who promotes intuitive eating and Health At Every Size, two approaches that promote both mental and physical wellbeing.

As someone who has struggled with weight fluctuations and a fraught
relationship with food, this podcast speaks to my soul. I’ve been
binging every single episode and I’ve yet to listen to one that hasn’t
rocked my world–in the best way possible. Give it a listen and let me
know what you think.

And her recent book Anti-Diet is purely mind blowing. One of the best books I’ve read to improve my health and wellness. 

Great For: Breaking free from diet culture, getting in a healthy headspace, and learning to listen to your body.

Losing 100lbs

Losing 100lbs is a health podcast from the fabulous Corinne Crabtree, who lost over 100lbs 14 years ago and has kept it off.

A certified life coach and health coach, Corrine comes at weight loss
from a very different way than others. Instead if giving a ton of
eating rules and a specific “diet”, she focuses on tackling the
emotional and mental causes of overeating and weight gain. She focuses
on cleaning your mind and making sustainable changes.

Corinne is beyond lovable with her southern accent, penchant for
swearing, and ability to “tell it like it is”. She gets very real with
the emotional and physical struggle with weight while giving practical
no nonsense approaches.

Great For: Changing your mindset around food and
fitness, healing your emotional relationship with food, and having real
and honest discussions about the emotional and physical toll of being


The Doctor’s Farmacy

Through interviews with leading medical professionals and discussions on the current research, This podcast
delves into the deep issues of health, wellness, food, and politics in
an effort to education and inspire people to use food to heal their
bodies. The host, Dr. Mark Hyman, believes that healthy foods are going
to heal our sick society.

I’ve been a huge fan of Dr. Hyman since I did his 10-Day Detox program and literally felt the best I ever had in my life! While always skeptical of quacks (*cough* Dr. Oz ), Mark Hyman always comes with the reciepts (backs up everything with research)and he always seems very balanced and rational.

I also love his book Food: What the Heck Should I Eat as it’s an amazing guide on food and all what years of research tells us.

Great For: Understanding the science behind what we eat and gaining important nutritional knowledge

10% Happier

Through interviews with all sorts of fascinating people, The 10% Happier Podcast seeks to answer the question “Can you be an ambitious person and still strive for enlightenment (whatever that means)?”

The podcast is hosted by Dan Harris, a journalist and self-described
“fidgety skeptic” whose on-air panic attack eventually led him to
meditation and an exploration into “enlightenment”.

Harris is a great interviewer and the guests are diverse and super interesting.

Great For: Getting ideas to have more mental and emotional peace and “enlightenment”

Science Vs.

While Science Vs. isn’t strictly a “health” podcast, per se, they tackle some of the biggest health fad and issues out there like fasting diets, keto, and detoxes & cleanses
and see how they stack up against the science. And let’s be honest–so
much of diet culture has very little grounding in science.

It’s both fascinating, and crazy entertaining. I’ll be listening at
the gym and suddenly start laughing out loud. The Aussie host, Wendy
Zukerman, is absolutely hilarious and the show is meticulously
researched and exquisitely produced. Do yourself a listen and give it a

(You can even start with the health episodes links above…)

Great For: Getting solid scientific information about conventional wisdom and health fads–and being wildly entertained.

The Wellness Mama

The Wellness Mama is a
natural living podcast that covers a variety of health topics including
food, stress, sleep, fitness, and toxins. Through interviews with
experts, the host Katie Wells (a successful health blogger), gives you
actionable steps to improve your family’s health.

Great For: Getting information that can help you make better, more informed choices for your family.

The Model Health Show

I was first introduced to the host Shawn Stevenson through his fantastic book Sleep Smarter,
which helped me to drastically improve my sleep (a miracle for any mom
of small kids). So when I found out he had a health and fitness podcast,
I started to give The Model Health Show a listen.

Through interviews with leading experts, you’ll walk away with the knowledge to create a healthier lifestyle.

Great For: Getting a broad understanding of health, nutrition, and exercise.

Affirmations Pod

Reciting affirmations can be super powerful strategy for improving
mindset, finding peace, and improving mental health. Not only will you
get fantastic affirmations on the Affirmations Pod
that you can repeat, but you’ll find that simply listening is super
relaxing. The host, Josie Ong, has an incredibly calming voice.

I often listen when I’m feeling anxious or overwhelmed and find that it immediately takes me down several notches.

Great For: Finding peace, relaxation, and powerful affirmations.

The Mindful Kind

Mindfulness is powerful tool for improving all-around health, from mindful eating to more mindful exercise. And in The Mindful Kind, host Rachael Cable gives really simple and easy practices to increase mindfulness in her calm, kind-hearted manner.

Episodes are short, peaceful, and give practical ways to live life more mindfully. Give it a listen!

Great For: Feeling calm and increasing mindfulness.

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