Slow Down Aging Process With This Homemade Toner

Rose water slows down the aging
signs and removes puffy eyes that make you look always tired. You have
to add in your daily care ritual a facial toner. Many women don’t know
the benefits of this product, so their skin loses elasticity and
wrinkles start to appear. Although cleansing and hydration are essential
to keep your skin young and radiant, a toner is also important for your
skin’s youth.


Homemade toner

A natural
homemade toner is any women beauty ally because it helps reducing
wrinkles, improves skin health and gives firmness and freshness. These
recipe’s natural ingredients cleans pores in depth and prevents
premature aging, keeping your skin beautiful and healthy.


  • -2 lemons
  • -1 cup of natural beer
  • -1 cup of rosewater

Method of preparation:

the lemons juice in a bowl then add the beer and rose water and mix
well. Soak a cotton pad in the lotion and apply it on your face with a
circular motion. Allow it to act for 15 minutes then rinse with warm


Clogs pores: This natural toner
cleans skin in depth and clogs pores. This way, your skin is protected,
hydrated and safe from drying.

pH balance: This toner helps to
balance the pH skin level, preventing acne and oily skin. Regular use
will keep your skin smooth.

Detoxification: Pollution, smoking and
using chemicals can harm the skin and can speed up the aging process.
This toner helps to remove skin toxins leaving your face healthy and

Combat acne: Acne is a painful condition that can leave
permanent skin marks like scars. This toner removes skin oils, dead
cells and other toxins responsible for acne appearance.

and nourishes the skin: This tonic lotion moisturizes and maintains skin
elasticity. Hydration is essential to reduce aging signs and prevents

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