She Used These 2 Ingredients to Make a Cure for Cancer, but Then the Government Shut Her Down

Dr. Johanna Budwig was nominated for the Noble Prize in medicine six
times. She died in 2003 at the age of 95. During her career she cured
90% of her cancer patients. Hence, she was able to cure all types of
cancer with the help of non-toxic ingredients which don’t have side
effects. However, since she was very successful in treating patients,
she became an enemy of the pharmaceutical industries. Unfortunately,
they were suppressing her work since the 50s. This is the main reason
why many of us are unaware of the Budwig Protocol.


Once she stated that she had the answer to cancer, but American
doctors wouldn’t listen to her. They just wanted to make a deal and use
her method to make profit.

It is believed that the pharmaceutical companies make a fortune from
ill people. Hence, the healthy and dead patients bring no profit for
them. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the cancer industry has no
interest in finding a cure. Believe it or not, cancer is the most
profitable disease in medical history and those who make money from it
will do everything in their power to keep it that way.

The blood oxygen level of healthy people is between 98 and 100 when
measured with a pulse oximeter, whereas in cancer patients the level is
only 60. The oxygen in the blood of a cancer patient is replaced with
waste such as carbon dioxide. Namely, lack of oxygen causes formation of
tumors and cells must mutate in order to acquire energy from a sugar
fermentation process.


This is not a biochemically “clean” process, so the waste products of
fermentation which build up in the tissues cause even higher toxicity.
This leads to more acidosis and oxygen deprived cells which results is
multiple cancer cells. These facts were proven by Dr. Otto Warburg who
won the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1931.

The Budwig Protocol is focused on stimulating the oxygen supply much
faster than any other therapy, while in the same time it adjusts the
body’s pH into an alkaline state. When the body has enough oxygen, the
cancer cells cannot thrive.

According to Budwig, fat-free diets are problematic. So, she removed
the foods which cause cellular oxygen starvation and replaced them with
healthy foods and essential fatty acids. Additionally, she explained
that sunlight, the natural source of vitamin D3, which has anti-cancer
properties, is crucial.

The protocol is consisted of two stages. The first one is a natural
remedy based on quark cheese and flaxseed oil. Usually it was ingested
orally by her patients, but in the most terminal cases, she administered
flaxseed oil in enema form. The second stage is a special diet which
needs to be followed for 6 months, regardless of the symptoms. Let’s
take a look at the two stages more thoroughly:

The first stage


1 cup quark cheese

5 tbsp of flaxseed oil or 3 tbsp of freshly ground flaxseeds

A bit of cayenne pepper

Preparation: Mix all of the ingredients until you get a homogenous
mixture and then consume it orally at least once per day. Stir it with a
wooden spoon, never with a metal one.

The special diet rules

Avoid sugar

Avoid animal fats

Don’t use store-bough salad dressings and toppings

Avoid mayonnaise

Avoid non-organic meat

Avoid butter and margarine

Drink only freshly squeezed veggie juices from carrots, celery, and beets

Drink a cup of tea three times per day

Use natural sweeteners like honey

Avoid processed foods

Reduce the use of chemical medicines as much as possible

Avoid soft drinks

Avoid bottled and tap water

Eat only fresh food

Additional tips

Avoid hydrogenated oils

Avoid fish oil

Take vitamin C daily

Drink green tea regularly

Avoid cosmetics and sunscreens

Avoid white bread, white rice, white sugar, white salt, and white flour

Avoid table salt

Avoid soy products and canola oil

Consume 1 tsp of coconut oil daily

Opt for alternatives to common soaps, bleaches, and detergents

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