Select Your Nose Shape And We’ll Tell You About Your Personality

Every day we look at our faces in
the mirror, but we never even begin to consider that the shape of our
noses can reveal more about us than we know ourselves. This was the
conclusion that Avraham Tamir, an academic from Ben-Gurion University,
came to.


1.Nubian nose

The nose is straight, and its tip stretches downward. You’re a real optimist who can find a solution to any problematic situation. You always try to help others and make sure that everyone around you feels comfortable. You’re also a little more curious than other people.

2.Greek nose

Your nose is narrow, straight, and long. You
take a practical view of all things in life. You don’t enjoy attention,
so you try to keep out of the limelight. You’re unwilling to express
your feelings and emotions which is why you often seem reticent to other
people. But to those you’re closest to, you always show loyalty.

3.Roman nose

The nasal arch bulges out, and the tip is directed downward. You possess the ability to think in an unusual way, and you always approach things creatively. When you argue, you always passionately assert your point of view and defend your principles. You’re ready to sacrifice a lot to achieve your goals.

4. Aquiline nose

The nasal arch bulges
out, and the tip is focused downward to an even greater degree than with
a hooked nose. You’re a natural born organizer; any event – be it one
associated with work or something more informal – will proceed perfectly
with you at the helm. This is because you always work honestly and can
resolve even the most complicated tasks.

5. Blunt nose

somewhat unpredictable, and the spontaneous decisions that you make are
often not welcomed by the people around you. Within you, there’s always
something telling you to stick to the principle of “fewer words, more
action.” You always try to get what you want, and you’re usually

6. Straight nose

a real thunderstorm of a person. You have a temperament that’s not to
be trifled with, and your feelings always win out over your sense of
reason. Other people would do well not to get into an argument with you,
as you’re very easily angered…and then you won’t show any mercy.

7. Nose with a small bump

You’re the definition of generosity, and you’re ready to share everything that you have with your loved ones. You always offer help and never leave anyone to deal with things on their own. But those around you would do well to appreciate your actions and be selective in their words and actions because you’re someone with a very sensitive soul and it’s not worth offending you.

8. Nose with a large bump

You have a somewhat sensitive character. You know what true love is, and you offer it to others with joy in your heart. This may be why you’re able to listen to others and make friends more easily. In addition to your amenable nature, however, you can also focus effectively on important, serious business, and people can rely on you to get things done.

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