Science Says This Is the “Actual” Best Time of the Day to Have Sex

How often do you have sex? If it’s not as frequent as you wish it to,
your timing could be blamed and you may need to take a fresh look at
your sex schedule. Incidentally, the time which is most apt for sex is
also the time when most of you get busy with your day.

According to a study conducted in
Frontiers in Psychology, the time when men and women have raging libidos
differs drastically. Women have a higher sex drive during the evening,
while men feel more sexually activated in the morning. The data clearly
shows that more women are getting their way with desire because most
couples have sex between 9 pm to closer bedtime.

However, experts are of the opinion
that sex before sleep is not ideal. It may seem convenient to indulge in
a romp while you are ready to call it a day, but Dr Michael Breus who
is called the Sleep Doctor feels otherwise. He says that most couples
may not have the best sex at nighttime because their body is tired and
beginning to shut down. Sex therapists disagree. They feel that sex
before bedtime is actually a great sleep inducer and may help many
couples to destress.

Dr Breus recommends having morning sex because after a good sleep, both
the partners wake up with revived energy and their hormones are also at
peak, which will lead to better sex. He feels morning sex is more
rejuvenating and pumps up the person to face the day ahead.

However, morning sex may not work out
for everyone, especially if both the couples have an erratic work
schedule. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create magic between the
sheets with schedules that don’t match. How about getting a quickie
mid-afternoon. Just make sure that the passion doesn’t die.

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