Remove Stretch Marks Fast With These 6 Natural Remedies!

Stretch marks, also known as striae, can trouble people of any age group. The unpleasant marks that you see around your knees or arms happen when your skin changes shape rapidly. It can be due to growth, weight gain or weight loss. Common in both men and women, these marks do not mean something is wrong with you.

The common stages for the stretch marks to appear are during pregnancy and puberty. When the skin stretches, the skin collagen becomes weak and form the fine lines under the top layer of the skin, which creates these marks. But do not worry about it, there are certain home remedies that you can try to prevent stretch marks or to lighten them.

Coconut oil
Coconut oil can help you heal the stretch marks quickly. Studies suggest that coconut oil has healing properties and takes less time to heal skin wounds.
How to use it: Apply virgin coconut oil on your stretch marks twice every day.

Aloe Vera
Pure aloe vera is not only a good healing agent, but can also make skin smooth. Aloe vera gel contains glucomannan and gibberellin compound, which increase collagen synthesis and fade stretch marks.
How to use it: Take out the gel from an aloe vera leaf and add oil from the vitamin A and E capsules. Mix it well and apply it on the stretch marks.

Sugar has been used for a long time to perform the microdermabrasion method. Microdermabrasion is a few clinically proven methods to fade stubborn stretch marks.

How to use it:

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Mix one cup of sugar with 1/4 cup of a softening agent, like almond oil or coconut oil. Add some lemon juice to it and scrub the mixture on your stretch marks. Repeat this process two-three times a week before taking a shower. Make sure you rub the mixture for 8-10 minutes.

Shea butter

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