Quiet, But Severe Killer: Cancer Of The Colon First Shows These 6 Symptoms

Colon cancer is one of the most common killers of modern times.

If you think that it is a disease that only affects older people, you
are lying. More and more young people in the 20s and 30s suffered from
this type of cancer.

Preventive examinations help reduce the number of colon cancer cases worldwide, but the obesity epidemic is a huge risk.


These are the 6 symptoms of this severe illness that you should not ignore:

Anemia (iron deficiency)
-When the tumors in the colon bleed, there is a loss of iron in the
body. People often can not notice this deficiency, but a simple
laboratory test will reveal whether you have anemia, and whether you
have enough healthy red blood cells.

Stomach pain

-Malignant cells can cause tissue clogging or injury, causing spasms or
pain. Patients with bowel cancer later recall that for some time they
ignored the feeling of unease in the abdomen, whether it was acute or
sore pain.

Thin capital
-It is very common to change the appearance of the stool in patients
suffering from bowel cancer. If your chairs are thin (in the form of a
pencil), and much thinner than before, this change may be a sign of
malignant bowel disease. Pay attention to other signs associated with
bowel discharge, such as frequent constipation, for no apparent reason.

The discharge drive without results
-If you feel that you need to go to the bathroom, but when you try to
empty the gut, nothing happens, it’s one of the possible signs that
there is a tumor in the rectum.

Sudden weight loss
-Generally, a mild weight loss without a diet or a lot of stress, is
often the reason for visiting a doctor. Although you may eat as usual
and eat enough food, some diseases know enough to change the way the
body uses food. When it comes to colon cancer, it often happens that the
disease prevents the body from absorbing nutrients, which leads to
weight loss.

-One of the most obvious signs that something happens in the intestine
is rectal bleeding. If you notice blood on toilet paper, toilet bowl or
stool, you should immediately notify your doctor about it. Bleeding
caused by tumors in the intestine is much more severe than bleeding
caused by cracking of the hemorrhoids.

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