Quick & Simple 8–Minute Evening Workout Before Bed

The most important thing about exercise is that it should be regular
and what is the choice of exercise. No matter how long it takes and how
hard the exercises are, everyone has to keep their body active and fit,
and any exercise complex is better than doing nothing. 


It may sound strange to many, but according to rope experts, the time before going to bed is perfect for exercising.

What are the benefits of exercising in the evening?

– Improves health,

– The body and mind are freed from all the effects of everyday stress

– It helps to fall asleep quickly and provide a restful night’s sleep.

When it comes to exercising, it is not meant to run in the long run, but to do simple stretching exercises.

So, do it before you go to bed, and here is a workout complex
that only lasts 8 minutes, but is so effective that it will put you to
sleep as a child and allow you to lose weight while you are in the
deepest dreams.

You see how little it takes to get results, but don’t forget the
biggest secret, be consistent and make sure it’s the right thing to do
when you want to lose weight. 


1. Rear Leg Raises

Starting position: – Place your body in a horizontal position,
with your head placed forward and knees bent at an angle of 90-degrees.


–           Extend one leg up and behind you, paying attention to
your hip and knee because both of them need to be extended too.

–           Perform 5-10 repetitions of the exercise with one leg

–           Switch sides and repeat with another leg. 


2. Reverse Plank with Leg Fit

Starting position: – Plank position with the legs in a straight position,


–          Pressing onto your feet, alter your butt off the
ground, trying to keep your body to stay in a diagonal position. In case
you have issues with your wrists, then you can do it on your elbows.

–          Then, raise your right leg up, return it to the floor,
and then the left one up by paying attention to careful and controlled
movements (be slow and steady), not allowing your hips to go down. 


3. Barbell Glute Bridge

Starting position: – Sitting with your butt on a pad with a barbell over your legs


–          Lay down with your body on the floor and start a new
movement with your heels. Then, driving your heels, extend them in a
vertical position through the bar.

–          Support your weight through this movement by your upper back and the heels of your feet

–          While exercising extend your body as much as you can,
then reverse the motion and start with the exercise from the beginning. 


4. Lunge

Starting position: – Standing position


–          Place your body in a lower position until your thigh
is parallel to the floor and at the same time your right shin needs to
be in a vertical position.

–          While the weight is in your right heel try to tap your
left knee if possible and then try to press into your right heel. 


5. Dumbbell Split Jump

Starting position: – Standing position, trying to keep your torso to be straight as much as it is possible.


–          Lower the body to a position of a split squat and then jump quickly,

–          Position your legs as scissor, and finish by landing your opposite leg forward. 


6. Windshield Wipers

Starting position: – Lying on your back on the floor, raise your legs 90 degrees


–           Spread your arms straight out to your sides for support and rotate your legs to one side,

–           Stopping short, touch the floor

–           Rotate your legs to the other side.

–           In advance, phase brings your arms closer into your body, as it offers less stability. 


7. Mason Twist/ Weighted Russian

Starting position: – Sitting on a mat, making sure that your
upper body is straightened enough and your legs completely extended.


–          Between both hands, you can grip a weight plate and
hold the same in front of your abdomen, keeping your arms slightly bent

–          Cross your ankles and start to raise them off the floor but slightly.

–          Bend the knees towards and balance your body by leaning back around 15 degrees.

–          Slowly turn your torso to the left trying to touch the plate on the floor and breathe out

–          Once finishing, go back to the starting position and breath in and out as you do so. 


8. Butt Lift (Bridge)

Starting position: – lying on the floor in a completely
horizontal position, place the hands by your side (palms facing up), and
bent the knees. The feet need to be positioned around the width of the


–          Using your heels, push and lift your hips off the
ground, with your back straight. During performing this part of the
exercise try to stay at the top just for a second.

–          Slowly go back to the starting position and finish the exercise, breathing in.

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