Press this spot and you will go to the bathroom immediately!

If you frequently have problems with constipation, you do not need to
use laxatives or diuretic teas. There is a trick to getting your bowels
active again – without any medicines or teas. It’s all about the “poop
button”. The poop button was in the area on your stomach three widths
below your belly button.

It seems that this point – also known
as “The Sea of ​​Energy” is connected to many areas of your body, such
as the digestive system, the colon and even your intimate areas.

Acupuncture specialists claim that by applying the correct pressure of
the “poop button” you can completely free yourself from this problem.
You can forget about the cramps of the menstrual period, the abdominal
pain or constipation because pressing this point on the abdomen solves
this problem in a short time.

Here’s how to do this:

  • Find the point on the abdomen by measuring three “finger widths” just below your belly button
  • Using 2 fingers, apply firm pressure – but not too strong.
  • If it starts to hurt, reduce the pressure you apply. Focus on breathing deep into your nose as you press
  • Continue to press until you feel the need to go to the toilet. It may only take ten seconds or up to 3 minutes 

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