Perfect Eyebrows Made Easy With Semi Permanent Make Up

Eyebrow style began with the ancient Egyptians. They adorned the
all seeing eye of their Sun God Ra with a very bushy eyebrow which
later went on to be the symbol of Freemasonry. Another eye commonly seen
in Egyptian art was the Udjat Eye which had a thinly lined eyebrow.
This thin eyebrow became very popular in the 1920’s and 30’s when
Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo appeared on the screen with thinly
plucked and penciled eyebrows.

So Why are Women so obsessed with their eyebrows?


  • Eyebrows can make the single biggest difference to your facial appearance.
  • Eyebrows frame your eyes the windows to your soul.
  • They are a sign of youthfulness.
  • They are an extremely important beauty feature.

is why so many women spend so much time in front of the mirror drawing
on the perfect eyebrow. Or having their eyebrows shaped and tweezed or

Do you have sparse thin eyebrows?

If you
were young in the 60’s or 70’s the chances are that you either shaved
off or over plucked your eyebrows. It was the fashion trend to shave or
tweeze your eyebrows completely then to pencil in rather thick heavy
brows using individual strokes to make it look like hair!!! Or to draw
in a thin dark line on their overplucked eyebrow arches.

Why was it we did that???

for those of us who followed the trend it has meant that we now have
very thin sparse eyebrows. Obviously you can have thin eyebrows for any
number of reasons as well as the one mentioned above:

  • You may have a scar or gaps in your eyebrow.
  • You may have perfect eyebrows but because they are fair no one can see them unless you tint or pencil them in.
  • You may have Alopecia or have had radiotherapy treatment
  • Also as you age you tend to loose some of your brow hair and like other hair it turns lighter.

matter what the reason you will really benefit from Semi Permanent Make
up. It can save you hours in the mornings penciling in your
eyebrows.Trying to create that perfect natural look, which we rarely get
right. One brow is often higher or thicker or longer than the other.

is no fear of ending up with one eyebrow smudged or removed because you
wiped your face. They won’t come off when you are swimming or smudge
when you are exercising. You don’t have to rush to put your make up on
before you answer the door when your boyfriend calls unexpectedly. And
as some of you have found out you don’t have to keep the bedroom in
darkness to prevent your partner seeing you without make up.

eyebrows give you a youthful look you can actually give your face the
appearance of having a face lift just by correctly shaping and raising
the arch of your eyebrow or repositioning it slightly. If any of this
sounds familiar and you would like to find out more about permanent make
up for eyebrows put semi permanent eyebrows into your search engine.

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