Pay Close Attention To Your Tongue, It Might Be Showing You Signs Of Certain Health Problems

Sticking out your tongue can be an extremely important gauge of
overall health. From vitamin deficiencies to more serious health
threats, the truth is often written on your tongue.

From White spots to red bumps, a number of diseases can show up on
your tongue. Here’s what to know about tongue pain and tongue disease.



-It could mean: You have a vitamin deficiency. A glossy, bright red
tongue may be a sign your body is lacking iron or B12. “Vitamin B12 and
iron are needed to mature papillae on the tongue. If you are deficient
in those vitamins, you lose those papillae, which can make your tongue
appear very smooth.”

-In severe cases, this “balding” can cause pain when eating hot
liquids or spicy food. Vegetarians are especially prone to low levels of
B12, which is found in certain meats. Notable vitamin deficiencies can
also be associated with an autoimmune disease in the GI tract, in which
the stomach doesn’t absorb vitamins.


-You’re postmenopausal or using the wrong toothpaste. If your tongue
stings and burns as though it’s been scalded but looks perfectly normal
hormonal changes could be to blame. Though burning tongue syndrome can
happen to anybody (it affects up to 15 percent of the population), women
are seven times more likely to experience it than men. It’s uncertain
why this occurs, and the condition goes away in some individuals while
it persists in others.


-You’re stressed. Many people have had the unpleasant experience of a
canker sore. These are punched-out, painful areas that occur on the
tongue or cheeks. They are most painful for the first four to five days,
then subside and eventually disappear within two weeks


-You don’t have the best oral hygiene. A tongue covered in dark hairs
(actually called “black and hairy tongue”) may look nasty, but doctors
agree that it does not cause for major concern. We have papilla, small
bumps on the surface of our tongue, which grow throughout our lifetime

-Papillae are normally worn down by chewing and drinking, but
sometimes they can become overgrown, which makes them more likely to
harbor bacteria or become discolored from food. This can cause bad
breath or taste abnormalities.

-Removing the offending cause, like smoking, and brushing the tongue or using a tongue scraper, may be all you need.


-The little knocks on a tongues surface are now and then alluded to
as hairs, or papillae, and can here and there turn dark thus of catching
microscopic organisms and yeast. The shading can likewise be ascribed
to the papillae getting to be noticeably recolored by a few sustenances
and tobaccos. Frequently poor oral cleanliness is the main
consideration. This is a safe yet unattractive condition frequently
alluded to as Dark Hairy Tongue’.


-Likewise, with a dark bristly tongue, this is an after effect of
caught microscopic organisms. The papillae can wind up plainly kindled
through being got dried out, breathing through the mouth rather than the
nose, experiencing a fever or overwhelming smoking. Similarly as with
dark tongue guaranteeing fastidious oral cleanliness ought to clear the
issue, rapidly giving back the tongue to a sound pink.

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