Oranges for diabetics: Is the immunity-boosting fruit safe for people suffering from type 2 diabetes?

favourite time of the year, winter season is here. The chilly weather
is all about enjoying seasonal foods while sitting under the sun. A
piping hot cup of tea, peanuts, gajar ka halwa and oranges are some of
the winter foods we all enjoy eating.

People suffering from
diabetes are a little too cautious about what they eat. Sometimes so
much so that they completely avoid eating certain foods (sweets ones
including fruits) to manage their blood sugar level. The best
alternative to completely avoiding any food is having it in moderation.

is a winter fruit that is loved by many. However, if you are suffering
from diabetes, you may be restricting yourself from enjoying this juicy
tangy fruit. But do you really need to avoid eating this vitamin C rich
fruit? Here is the truth. 


Can diabetics eat oranges?

simple answer is yes, diabetics surely can enjoy oranges during the
sunny winter days. Diabetics are recommended to have foods that are rich
in fibre and have a moderate glycemic index. Oranges are full of fibre
and have its GI ranges between 40 -50. Also, the fruit has natural
sugar, which is completely safe for diabetics to consume.


must refrain from having commercially manufactured orange juices. These
are often full of artificial sugar and preservatives, which is a big no
for people suffering from diabetes.

Other reasons why diabetics must not miss out on eating this super healthy fruit.

Boosts your immunity

are loaded with vitamin C, which boosts our immunity. Winter makes our
body vulnerable to various diseases and consuming immunity boosting
foods can help keep seasonal illnesses at bay.

​Good for heart health

heart-healthy diet is a combination of fibre, antioxidants and
vitamins. Oranges have all these qualities and thus keep the
heart-healthy. It also helps in managing blood sugar and cholesterol in
the body.

​Good for digestive health

plays a major role in healthy digestion. Fibre helps by promoting gut
health and boosting metabolism. Oranges are a rich source of fibre and
thus great for digestive health.

​Weight loss friendly

the new year round corner, weight loss is one everyone’s mind. Oranges
are low in calories and thus make for a perfect weight-loss snack.


Oranges are rich in fibre and have a low glycemic index, which makes them a diabetic-friendly fruit.

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