Natural Beauty Tips: 7 Ways to Bring Out Your Own Natural Beauty

Seven Tips to Help you Bring Out Your own Natural Beauty
we get older, many of us find that we don’t have the time or the
inclination to spend a lot of energy on hair care and makeup each day.We
want a more natural alternative, but we still want to look our best.

1 . Don’t go nuts…all at once. If
you are accustomed to spending a lot of money on salon or spa beauty
treatments, wean yourself off of such treatments gradually. If you wear a
lot of makeup or perfume, try decreasing the amount you wear a little
bit at a time.

For me to go completely barefaced is kind of a
shock, but I really like the minimal makeup I wea now. These days, I
feel that I look my best with a quick swipe of a light powder foundation
(the brand I like doubles as an SPF15 sunscreen), a smudge of eyeliner,
a quick coat of mascara and a smear of light pink gloss.

I much
prefer this look to my old look, but it took a while to get used to it. I
started decreasing the amount of makeup I wore each day until I found
something that best suits me.

2. Try plant-based cosmetics.

Experiment with some of the natural skin care and fragrance lines,which
use elements and fragrances from the natural world. Aveda, L’Occitane
and Origins are three of my favorites. The scents of these products are
heavenly but not overpowering.

3. Get the right hair products.
times, the only thing standing between you and a wash-and-wear
hairstyle is the right styling product. Ask your stylist for
recommendations on a product that will allow you to go from wet hair to a
styled look with no heat styling. The quality and breadth of styling
products available to the general public these days is staggering.

also want to look online for no-heat styling tips for your hair type
and length. In addition to all the time you’ll save in the morning, your
hair will stay healthier over time, too.

4. No roots.
you color your hair, consider asking your stylist to gradually adjust
your hair back to a shade closer to your natural shade. Your skin tone
probably coordinates best with your hair color inits natural state. And
you’ll save a bundle of time and money not having to get your roots done

5. Take good care of your skin.
As you start
wearing less makeup, your complexion will shine through. For natural
beauty, stay hydrated and use a skin care product that works well with
your skin. You might need to sample a number of different products
before you find one you love. Many of the online beauty stores offer
free samples with each purchase, which can be a good way to try
different skin care lines. Or take a trip to the cosmetics counter at
your favorite department store and ask for some free samples.

6. Sleep well. Eat well.
In short, take good care of yourself. Your natural beauty will shine
through when you get plenty of sleep and exercise each day and you
choose nutritious foods.

7. Hold your head high.
You will look most beautiful, naturally, when you feel comfortable with yourself.Work on your posture and your confidence.

Spend an afternoon each day writing down those things in your life for which you are truly thankful.

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