Man Have A Morning ‘Secret’ That Every Women Should Know !

Every man thinks about sex all
the time. Under default they want sex every time, they want sex in the
morning, in the afternoon and at night. Place is not important for this
event. The proof for this is here, every morning when they wake up they
have an erection.

This is something that women are
difficult to understand. We all know that when we wake up it is very
difficult to get up and start the day properly.  We all have certain
rituals before doing anything else.

Experts have proven that the cause of the erections are not the female sex, but the man himself.

don’t have to make love if you don’t want to, you don’t have t concern
this as an obligation leave him and he will be all right.

It is
ordinary thing, you don’t have to think of that like it is a miracle
because all men of all ages are waking up with an erection.

Someone may thing that his is a result of man thinking on sex, it may happen on a men who don’t even though on it.

This is also famous as a pee boner too. They just need to pee and the erection will be gone.

Only the brain controls everything that is happening to us, so this is a result of brain control

The man’s hormone is the most produced in the morning and it is like 25 to 50%. With the time goes by it gets lower.

The penis wants to be ready, s when the time comes it will be tip top ready for doing its job.

Every penis is turned on by touch. Every connection with it, the result is hard dick.

The penis is stimulated and ready when the brain says he is.

For penis to function properly it needs a great night sleep and less stress.

Men is can have sex no matter of the relationship of the woman. It can get hard even if the woman is libido.

Last researches showed that men during the night can have 4-5 erection and that lasts 25 minutes, which is normal.

Men need to have erection in the morning 3 times per week, which is a result of a good production of testosterone.

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